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A few more details about me...

I love
I love the smell of fresh paint in the morning (or afternoon or evening)

Making things over (I love to thift shop)

I LOVE Diet Coke (fountain please)

I  love anything sweet & gooey  
(anything that is sweet without nuts)

I love spray paint  (rustoleum is my favorite brand)

 I Annie Sloan Chalk Paint (it's so hard to pick a fav color)

I love clean bathrooms, but I hate to clean them.( I do it anyway)

 I love a sparkling kitchen, but I hate to do the dishes.(I do them anyway)

 I yummy smelling things

I wear perfume everyday (loving Bvlgari Jasmin Noir)
(I am crushing on Kahula Luau in my Scentsy right now-Yum)

I hope that you will sit down and stay awhile.


Contact info

Email- Tausha@sassystyleredesign.com
Phone- 801-737-4554
Facebook-Sassy Style Redesign
Instagram- @sassystyleredesign.com
Twitter- @sassygirlshop

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