Monday, July 7, 2014

DIY Gold "Hello" Sofa Table Makeover

I'm excited to share a fun DIY idea that you can do in an afternoon. I love an easy and fabulous project, don't you?

I had found a sad, little table at my local thrift store about 2 months ago. As soon as I saw it, I knew that it would be perfect for this project. It was only $10, so it came home with me.

A quick supply list of what you will need to create your own Gold Hello Table Makeover.

Heirloom White Spray Paint by Rustoleum
Gold Metallic Spray Paint by Rustoleum
Stencil Mask-Everyday Words by Hazel & Ruby
Painters Tape

Step 1
Spray paint your table with Heirloom White Spray Paint-let dry

Step 2
Attach "hello" stencil mask words to corner of table

Step 3
Measure how high you want the gold paint to come up on the legs and tape off. Tape off top off the table to prevent gold over spray.

Step 4
Spray top and part of the legs with the gold metallic spray paint. Let dry

Step 5
Carefully remove "Hello" stencil mask letters

Step 6
Sand the table just a little bit (if you like this look)

Step 7
Step back and admire how awesome your table looks

 I hope that I have inspired you to try something new & maybe make your own "hello" table!

Happy Creating!

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