Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Embrace the trend: How to decorate with globes & maps

 I'm so excited to be back and sharing another fun decorating idea! Today I'm talking about my love for globes and maps & how to incorporate them into your home.

I have a lot of loves when it comes to decorating, and globes & maps are on the top of my list. Globes, maps, pillows, lamps...I could go on & on. What can I say, I just love decorating accessories!

One of my favorite map creations would have to be my DIY Map Table. This project was so easy and took less than an hour to complete! My kind of project!

Oh, I almost forgot to proclaim my love for the little green plants that you can buy at Ikea. Yep, love those too. They are so versatile and are perfect for little corners that need a little pop of color.  I just might have to do a post all about things that I love from Ikea. Can I get an amen?

sassy style

Back to maps..Because I love globes and maps so much, I thought that I would share some fun decorating ideas on how to embrace globes and maps in your own decor. I love my map table, my map lampshade and my map ampersand. Don't worry, they are not all in the same spot in my house. Promise....

Since were talking about things that I love...I also love decorating for the seasons! (Is that weird?) If you love embracing the seasons in your decorating too, check out these past posts. Hopefully they will inspire you too!

Jellybean Trees or Jellybean pussy willow trees
(the perfect project to make with all those clearance'd jelly beans)

Happy Creating Friends!

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