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DIY Paper Towel Garlands

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I have crafted with a lot of supplies, but I'm thinking that this latest product just might be my favorite!
What is it? Scott Paper Towels! You guys, I am in love!

What did I make with the paper towels? How about a garland?

I'm dying over how great these turned out. Best part..I had a blast making them and they were simple and inexpensive to do.

Supplies needed:

Scott brand paper towels-You need to use this brand of paper towels. They are nice and thick & absorb the color awesome & dry beautifully.
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Gel food coloring by Wilton

Shredding Scissors


Washi Tape


Heavy duty Needle and heavy thread

Once you have all of your supplies gathered, you get to get your hands dirty..literally. Make sure that you wear plastic gloves. I didn't and I had purple hands for 3 days. So...learn from my mistake.

1-Have separate bowls for each color that you are going to make.

2- Put about 1/4 cup of water in each bowl & then add your food coloring. The Wilton gel food coloring has awesome, intense colors, so I recommend using those.

3-Tear off a few sheets of Scott towel and fully submerge them in your colored water.

4- Let the paper towels soak for about 30 seconds. Because these paper towels rock and they are nice and thick, you will have no problem with the towels falling apart.

5-Wring out the towels really well and then let them dry. I let mine dry overnight, but that is totally up to you. I also put mine outside and it was windy & then I had to chase them all over the yard. So I recommend that you don't put them outside if it's windy. Just saying...

Once everything is dry, you are ready to start creating your banners.

How to create a Scott Paper Towel Garland

1-Cut your paper towel into 2-3" strips.

2-Use your shredding scissors & cut the strips
Make sure that you leave a border at the top-DON'T cut all the way through. If you do cut all the way through, you are just going to have strips of colored paper towels. Not really what were going for.

3-Roll your strips & then tape together with washi tape

4- String your banner pieces together using your needle and thread. I used thin bakers twine and it worked great!

5-Hang and enjoy!

I loved how these out! They really were a breeze to make and I'm planning on making a lot more! You can also make a garland with shapes. Triangles, pennants etc.

Don't forget to check out the Shop Your Way Rewards by Kmart
Scott Product's Facebook page

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Happy Creating!

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