Friday, March 7, 2014

DIY Marquee Chalkboard

My Husband loves when I come up with out of the box ideas.
This DIY Marquee Chalkboard would be one of those ideas.

Sassy Style

I have been collecting letters of all shapes, sizes and styles for years. I kind of have a thing for them. What can I say, they make me happy!  When I saw my friend Melissa from Hollyhocks & Honeybees had created a mini marquee board of sort, I knew that I had to have one. After searching for an existing frame that I liked and not finding one, I decided to make me own.

This is where my husband enters the story. Sure, I could make my own creations, but he doesn't mind doing it and I would rather pay more attention to the details.

Supplies needed:

Sassy Style


-measure your board & cut your furring strips to size

-Paint the furring strips your desired color. (I used white)

-Paint the plywood your desired color. I painted mine grey. Then I painted it with what I think is one of the greatest things ever! This clear chalkboard coat by Decoart will allow you to use any paint & turn it into a chalkboard just by painting this over it. I know...!! So fantastic right! You also should paint your dowels at this point as well. Paint them the same color as the board. However, they don't need the chalkboard coat.

Sassy Style

Now you're ready to put it all together. We just used the nail gun to put it altogether.

(this obviously isn't put together, but you get the idea)

You can attach the dowels now, or you can attach them how I do. It's totally up to you. I like to make mine repositionable so I use this to put them in place.

You can also use a small amount of cool heat hot glue. If you are going to do that route, just use a little bit so it doesn't ruin your board.

Now onto the details..because they are what I love the very most about this project!

Sassy Style

Decide on what your going to say..Holy cow! Do you know how hard it is to come up with an easter type saying? Difficult, very difficult!

What do you do if you don't have a ridiculous letter collection like I do? Don't fear..I have a couple of ideas to DIY some letters.

Sassy Style

*Cover a half of a clothespin with washi tape to make an L or and I or a T.

* Cut a ruler into small pieces on your miter saw

*Use buttons, bingo markers, old milk lids..anything that's round for an O

*Cut letters out of felt

*Play with the awesome Hazel & Ruby Stencil Masks and make some custom letters. These stencils will stick to anything! Wood, paper, plastic, fabric. Best part..they can be used over and over again too! For more details, check out this fun post I did.

I could go on and on..but I will stop. You get the idea. If you are wanting to start a letter collection too, check out your local thrift stores, yard sales or grandmas game cabinet.
Old game pieces are true gems!

Sassy Style

To finish it off I added a couple of banners. (Of course) I made a mini paper straw banner and a simple Easter egg wreath that I will be sharing next week. I thought it needed a little something extra-so I used some yellow washi tape to give it a little more love. So easy!

Sassy Style

I hope that I have inspired you to create your own Marquee Chalkboard. Our family loves ours and it truly makes me smile every time I walk by it!

Looking for more spring creations that you can make?

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Springtime Toilet Paper Roll Garland

Happy Creating!

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