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5 tips for a stress free super bowl party

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The super bowl is coming up and I have to come clean...Football is not really my thing. BUT...I do love a great commercial & of course..the food. This year I'm hosting a Super Bowl Party at my house & I wanted it to be a simple & stress free thing.  I know that I am not the only one who feels this way, so I thought I would share 5 simple ideas that will help you keep your sanity doing the super bowl. 

Tip 1
Go to Target (I are already loving this list) & pick yourself up some Rubbermaid Containers & Sharpies. Before you go, get yourself a couple of awesome coupons from Target. All you have to do is Text COUPONS to TARGET. Yep, it's really that easy! And just like that, you will have some awesome Rubbermaid & Sharpie coupons sent to your phone. Score! You will get $1 off Rubbermaid containers and $1 off a 4-pack Sharpie. (coupons are good through Feb 8th) 

sassy style

After Target, head to Home Depot and get some green paper in the painting section. It's only $2.88 a roll. This is going to be your football field/tablecloth/table covering/you get to throw it away when the party is done tablecloth. 

Tip 2
Don't Over think it! This is where your Sharpies and Rubbermaid containers are going to come in handy. Use the Rubbermaid containers for dishes for your food. I decided to do a pretzel & popcorn party, so these containers were perfect! I also love the idea of using them as serving dishes. The smaller containers are perfect for individual popcorn servings. Win-Win!

sassy style

 I used the Sharpies for a few things. Nothing that will take you longer that three minutes. One of things that I did was make my own popcorn seasoning containers. I used some extra salt and paper shakers & a few different flavors of popcorn seasonings. Because it's me, & I'm a little bit of freak..I couldn't have the containers that the seasonings came in on the table. It needs to stepped up just a bit. So, I poured some seasonings into different shakers and then used my Sharpies to label them. This took me all of 5 minutes. 

sassy style

Tip #3
Let your kids help. Remember, you want this to be a stress free party, so if this causes you too much stress, feel free to skip it. But, my kids are older and they were more than happy to help me out. This is where the green paper from Home Depot comes into play. I needed something that was green that could act as the tablecloth and look like a football field. I cut 2 sheets of the green paper & taped it to my table. I then handed my girls a black sharpie and had them draw the yard line. It's ok it's not fact I think I like it better that way. 

sassy style

Tip #4
Add a couple of props that can double as containers and give you height. Now, I'm a mom of all girls so we didn't even have a football in our house. Thank goodness for good friends that help me out. I borrowed a football and dusted off my beloved vintage trophies. I used the trophies & a vintage wooden box to add some height to the table without taking up a lot of room. You can't have a football party without drinks, so I used one of the trophy's to hold some paper straws. Simple and so easy!

sassy style

Tip #5
Add a chalkboard. It's no secret that I love chalkboards. I have a few in my house. One of the main reasons that I love them is because they are so versatile! This gold chalkboard is one of my favorites and it was the perfect addition to the table. I just wrote TOUCHDOWN on mine. But, I think that a chalkboard would be great to write any instructions that your guests need to know. Say your having a nacho bar or a chili bar, you can easily write some instructions on the chalkboard..that way you won't be repeating yourself 15 times during the game. Even if you don't have a need for instructions, I think a chalkboard is a perfect addition to your table. 

sassy style

sassy style

I hope that these tips will help make your Super Bowl party fantastic!

Happy Creating!

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  1. Love the homemade football field table cloth, so cute! I LOVE FOOTBALL, can't wait for the BiG game.


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