Wednesday, October 23, 2013

How to make a rad 80's Halloween costume

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With 3 girls at my house, the Halloween costume debate usually comes up October 1. And in true, indecisive, girl like fashion, they change their minds at least 5 times. However, the 80's girl costume request didn't change. So, when I was asked to do a post on Neon Sharpies, I knew that we could create the perfect costume.

I am all about easy, cheap and fabulous. I am happy to report that this costume fits into all of these categories. 

The first thing I created was this 80's inspired t-shirt. I am a little ashamed to admit that my 11 yr. old had no idea who Bon Jovi was and had to google him...I am hanging my parenting head in shame. 

Supplies needed to create a one of a kind, fabulous neon 80's inspired shirt. 

I picked mine up at Target. They come in a convenient 5 pack and you can use a $1 off coupon
(in select stores & while supplies last)
White T-shirt
Stencil created with my silhouette

Step 1- cut the neck of your shirt off. I wanted a large, kind of hanging off her shoulder look. 

Step 2-Cut your stencil on the silhouette and then keep the negative & apply to your t-shirt. 

Step 3-Outline your words with Neon Sharpies. I colored the heart in and some of the arrows.
When you are ready to start tracing & coloring in your letters, make sure you have something between the 2 layers of the shirt. I used a piece of cardboard. 

Step 4-Remove the stencil and ooh & aahhh over your fantastic job!

Once the shirt was done, it was time to assemble the rest of the costume. Channeling my inner 80's  self, I picked up a few things at my big box store that worked awesome!

Your 80's inspired t-shirt
Star earrings
Long neon socks
Jelly bracelets (remember these)
Hot pink clearance tights
black skirt
White canvas shoes

These clearance tights worked perfectly for arm sleeves. They are thin and don't unravel. I just cut them apart and then cut a small slit for her thumb.

You can't have an 80's costume without leggings. The leggings were a little plain & boring by themselves. So, I added some lighting bolts with my Neon Sharpies. I didn't use a pattern, I just free handed them. They took me about 5 minutes.

I am in love with the finished costume. I had way too much fun adding bright pink lipstick and ratting the heck out of her ponytail! She just kept rolling her eyes at me and asking me if 
people really dressed this way...on purpose.

I am in big, puffy heart love with these Neon Sharpies! If you haven't tried them yet, you must run out & get you a set. The colors are so rich and vivid. They have a fine tip which is great because we all love a fine tip sharpie right? You know you want to make your own Bon Jovi t-shirt. Then you could do something practical with them, like make a grocery list  Plus-they will glow under a black light! How cool is that? 

Check out Sharpies Facebook page and Pinterest pages for some awesome inspiration!

Happy Creating! 

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  1. I love this! Such an awesome (or should I say rad?) 80's Halloween costume! VERY clever!


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