Friday, October 4, 2013

How to make a junk bow

OK, let it be know that I love JUNK BOWS! Especially when the holidays come around. Every Holiday is better with a little junk bow love. Right? 

So, I want to teach you how to make one. They are so simple and oh so fabulous. I really think that you will love them too. 

What is a junk bow?  Well, its a bow made with all kinds of scraps.  Book pages, tulle, fabric, trims, ribbon etc. I love these things! I have added them to all kinds of stuff. Pumpkins, skeletons, crows, wreaths etc.

They are super simple to make. Warning, once you start, it’s hard to stop!

You start with gathering your layers..

I used a book page, fabric, lace, crepe paper, tulle and a piece of an old measuring tape. Once you have gathered your supplies, you are ready to start junkin.

1-accordion fold your book page. This will be your base of the bow. You can also use tissue paper, patterned paper sacks, old patterns etc..

2-Start to add your layers. When you are gathering your layers, you want to try to get some different kinds of textures. Crepe paper, lace, measuring tape, fabric, jute, yarn, tulle etc.

3- Hold the bow in your left hand, it’s a little bit easier that way. Now you are going to want to floof it a bit. Trim your edges so they look finished.

4-Just keep layering

 5-Once all of your layers are complete, you tie it together. I like to use a small piece of tulle or lace with a little bit of stretch. This seems to hold everything together better.

When you are finished, glue to whatever you can get your hands on!

I love these bows so much, I even did an episode on My Craft Channel,
on all about how to make them. Just pretend that I don't look like uncle fester in the screen shot in the beginning...ummm K?

These are so fun and simple to make, and oh so addicting! I think that they add the perfect amount of sass to your holiday decor!

You are going to love making these!  Please share if you do. I would love to see…

Happy Creating my friends!
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  1. How fun! I love the junk bows...thanks for sharing. I love your style and I love your blog

  2. Basically, these are the cutest thing ever. And you are too! ;) The screen shot totally made me giggle, which I needed, so thanks for that! XOXO

  3. This would be great in a mum. In case you are not familiar with them, mums are a Texas tradition for homecoming.

  4. Thanks, can't wait to try it with a pumpkins that really needs something!

  5. How cool is this :) I´m so going to make some of those bow´s, thanks for sharing.

  6. So simple & adorable- love it!! Hope to see some holiday hunk bows at The Hive. You make them so cute!


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