Monday, October 28, 2013

Easy Halloween Costume Ideas for Adults

 Driving on Halloween totally makes my day! I love looking over and seeing Dracula or a man dressed as a pink pig. I don't normally go all out, but I do like to think of my costume as being a tool for helping make some strangers day. It's also a benefit if I can totally humiliate my 13 year old.  :)

I put together a round up of some awesome, last minute, fast and easy Halloween Costumes for Adults. All of these ideas will take you less than 30 minutes and are cheap. You can use your savings from your costume on more Halloween candy & Diet Coke. For your personal use of course. No sharing is required on national holidays.

13 of my favorite Halloween Costumes for Adults
Grey Paint Chips strung on a ribbon = 50 shades of grey

Publishers clearing house couple-This just might be the perfect couple costume

Babysitter-Even my 13 yr. old liked this one. 

Animal print + party hat = Party Animal

Quarter Back-You could also have an office supply store print you a poster size copy of a quarter. 

Radiohead-I think that small radio on a headband would be a great rendition 
and a touch more practical. 

Cereal Killer 

Holy Cow (s) Perfect for teens too!

Facebook-Come one, you know this is funny


An oldie but a goodie- Smartie Pants

I hope that I have inspired you to try a simple Halloween costume this year. 

Happy Halloween!

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