Monday, August 26, 2013

How to build a better lunch in 5 minutes

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School is back in session!

I love this time of year...a lot! So when I was asked to try out Rubbermaid's new LunchBlox-I jumped at the chance. We make homemade lunches at our house and so I knew that these would be an exciting addition to our daily lunch routine.

I have 3 girls. 3 girls that have to figure out what to wear, how to do their hair and which shoes look best with their outfit. As you can imagine, we are always in a hurry in the mornings. So, these LunchBlox's have made our lives so much easier. 

What the heck is a LunchBlox? Well, it's an awesome 4 pack of Rubbermaid containers that stack and stick together that you use for packing lunches. All of the little compartments fit and stay in place.

One of our favorite things about this set-it comes with it's own ice pack. This was a huge deal for my 9 yr. old. Excited was kind of an understatement.

Our go to sandwich supplies are Jif Peanut Butter and Smucker's All fruit jam. I love that they love this jam. It's not full of sugar and I tell myself that I am an awesome mom because it's more healthy.

Another plus about the LunchBlox is that they are versatile. My oldest will eat veggies if she has ranch dressing. There is a container for that. My youngest loves applesauce, but only if I put cinnamon in it. There is a container for that.

Everyone is happy and everyone eats their lunch. Score! This is not always an easy an thing at our house. 

I love to include a little note as a fun surprise for them to find. And because I have an addiction to washi tape, I attached it with the cutest ruler washi tape. Seriously people, these LunchBlox are making me look like the mom of the year. Best part, lunches were made and packed in 5 minutes! Wahoo!

If you want to see what the LunchBlox's are all about, here is a printable coupon. (coupons don't expire until 12/31/13)You can find these little containers that have made me a better mom at Target. I was ecstatic to have another reason to go to Target! I picked up Jif Peanut Butter and Smucker's jam while I was there also. Love that I can buy a pillow and peanut butter at Target! 

Happy Creating!

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