Thursday, June 27, 2013

Easy Glittered Frame

Happy Summer!

Are you ready for school to start? Oh wait..maybe that's just me..J/k..sort of...
Anyway, we are crazy busy at our house with our move in less than 30 days away and way too many boxes still to pack...creating has been put on the back burner.

That was until Mom (that's me) started getting mean and drinking way too much Diet Coke. My husband banished me to my craft room and I feel much better now. I am still drinking way too much Diet Coke, but I am a little bit nicer. I like to think it was because I played with glitter.

 Glitter makes everything better right?

We were in need of a quick, inexpensive idea for a secret sister gift for my oldest to take to girls camp. (a camp for girls for the (LDS church) I loved this quote that the darling Kiki, from Kiki Creates made-and I knew it would be perfect.

I gathered my supplies from my stash, and a quick trip to the dollar store later, I was ready to go.

-Frame-Dollar Store
-Mod Podge
-Martha Stewart Glitter (my personal fav)

I know that all of you have probably glittered something before, 
so I won't go into too much detail on how to glitter.

To glitter your frame
-Remove glass from frame
-Paint Mod Podge on frame in sections
-Glitter frame in sections at a time
-Let dry
-Spray with 3 coats of hairspray to set the glitter

Yes, you read that right. Spray your finished glittered frame with hairspray!

Yes, that is a can of hairspray. My expensive kind no less. (I didn't have anything else)
BTW-if you want a good hairspray that doesn't way your hair down-Kenra is hands down my fav!

Anyway-after you have glittered your frame, spray it with a few coats of hairspray. 
This little step will make the glitter stay where you want the glitter to stay and not end up where you don't want it. (say your husbands face, hair or shirt-not that I have EVER had that happen)

After you have glittered, go ahead and trim your printable to fit the size of your frame. 
Kiki's already was sized for 4x6 frame, so no extra trimming was needed.

I think that it turned out pretty cute. Even my 13 yr. old was impressed. That almost never happens, so it is totally worth mentioning.

I think that this project is perfect for a Girls Camp Craft Project or just make a couple to have on hand for a quick thank you! If you are wanting more Girls Camp ideas, follow me on Instagram. I have posted a few other projects that I have been doing. 

I love a quick and fabulous project..don't you?

Happy Creating!

I would love for you to stay in touch..

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  1. Cute idea! I am Camp Director for our ward this year! Wahoo! I love the color blue on the frame and that looks cute with the print! I love to read your posts, I can hear your voice as I read! Too fun!

  2. So you didn't put a coat/coats of ModPodge after you sprayed with hairspray? Does the hairspray make a durable finish? I've never heard of that, but I really want to try it! Thanks for the tip!


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