Friday, June 21, 2013

DIY Outdoor Twister Game

So, one day when I was spray painting, I thought that it would be totally rad if I made a Twister game on my grass with my trusty, rusty spray paint.

Yep-you read that right!
You can make your own huge, homemade, outdoor, Twister game!
(try saying that fast 3x)
This would be so fun for a family reunion, block party, school carnival-whatever really.
I have talked about my opinions on spray painting .

BUT..If you still are wanting to know some of my favorite tips and tricks and a couple more ideas on what else you can spray paint..check out Spray Paint 101!

OK-first thing you need to do-trace a circle (mixing bowl) on a lid of a pizza box or some other piece of cardboard.
Use your handy dandy craft knife/box cutter to cut it out.
Throw the circle away-now you are left with your circle stencil.
(I would have taken pics of this part-but...
I am pretty sure that you all know how to trace a circle and cut it out)

Now you are ready to paint.
My favorite part.

You really SHOULD use the Rustoleum 2x coverage paint for this project. The other brands did not cover as well.

I made my board in my back yard, but you can make it anywhere that 
you have a large enough piece of grass.

Let it be know that I am NOT a perfectionist....

I did NOT measure out my game board, or line up my circle in a perfectly straight line.
If you are one of those people who like super straight lines, you might want to measure.
If you are not one of those type of people-just go with the flow.

When you make your board-you need 4 columns. One column in each color.
You need to have 6 circles of each color.
Your game board will look like this for a large group or a smaller board for a smaller group.

Now you get to paint-The fun part!

I just sprayed a circle, picked up the stencil and looked to see if it was straight.
(again, I am not a perfectionist-so "looking straight" was totally cool with me.
I did this with each color until I had 6 circles.

I found a vintage twister game at the thrift store for $1 so I had the twirly hand game piece to play. If you don't have this, don't stress. You can use strips of paper in a paper cup. 

The kids made slips of paper that said: Head, Rt. Foot, Rt. Hand, Left. Foot, Left hand
They also made color slips- red, blue, yellow and white.
I put each set of strips in their own cup.
When it was time to play-the caller person, or whatever you want their title to be-pulled one slip out of each jar.
IE- Left Hand, Red
We have played the game using both ways and they both work out great!

Now-you will have a rocking back yard!
This could be a good or bad thing....

I had kids of all ages in my back yard.
Super fun!

PS-for some of you that may be wondering--the spray paint will not kill the grass! As the grass grows, you will just mow the game board up.  This is great news if you are going to a public park. 

Happy Creating!

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  1. GREAT IDEA! It would not only be fun for kids but for adults too! Love it. : ) I'm hosting a link party on my blog and I'd love for you to join! Simply Dream & Create

  2. What a great idea! Would love to have you link this up at our summer-themed, Ladies Only Blog Share! Visiting from the Pity Party!

  3. What a creative way to bring Twister outdoors! Thanks for sharing this great idea! Visiting from the Weekend Wrap Up Party. Blessings, Sonja


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