Friday, April 19, 2013

DIY cleaner recipes that really work

Do I have your attention? Yes-all of these DIY cleaning tips have been tried at my house. All of them really do work! You are going to love them!

Just think of all the money that you will save on cleaning supplies. Now you can go and buy more shoes or purses or both! Win-win!

Today's episode of Sassy Style on My Craft Channel,  is all about Spring Cleaning! I wanted to share all of my favorite recipes with all of you.

First up-how to clean your stainless steel sink. When I was growing up, scrubbing the sink when you were done doing the dishes was part of the the job. I am proud to say that this task is still a must do at my house with my kids. Proudly carrying on the "Mom is much happier with a clean house" tradition.

Comet doesn't work with a stainless steel sink. It just leaves a film. So, for the past few years, I have been on the hunt for the perfect sink cleaner. Well, I am happy to say that I finally found it. All you need is 5 ingredients-most of which I am sure that you already have in your kitchen and some elbow grease.
 You will love how clean your sink is! The goo gone and olive oil and help it have a nice sheen and repel spots. This is great because it means that you don't have to clean your sink as often.

I have hard water. Like really, really hard water! So, hard water and soap scum is not hard to come by in my house. I hate the harsh, smelly cleaners that are on the market to clean my shower. They didn't really work and you needed a mask and a well-ventilated area to clean in. Annnoying!

I found this awesome recipe and it is amazing and totally works! Even my husband was impressed!

I only make up a small batch at a time. I think that the warm vinegar really helps this cut through the gunk. This is my personal opinion. You can try and decide which way you like best, warm or cold vinegar.

I have two microfiber couches, 3 kids, 1 husband and a spoiled dog. I needed this cleaner recipe! It is so simple and it works wonders!
The reason why you use white sponges and brush is because you don't want any accidental color transfer. Not sure if this could/would happen-but I would rather be safe with my white sponge. I saw this original post by 551 east furniture design. So grateful that she shared this. Aren't you?

Now that you are all clean-are you wanting something or somewhere to store your cleaning supplies? 
Of course! Who doesn't want your cleaning supplies to look cute? Makes the whole cleaning process that much easier. Right?
I love Tatertots & Jello idea to paint stripes in your cleaning/hall closet. Genius!
I also love the idea of using a clear pocket shoe holder. I couldn't find the source for this pic for the life of me. If you know who it is, let me know. I would love to give proper credit. 
I think that this simple tote with Sparkle on it is darling! Such a cute idea to label your totes with what the cleaner does. (Windex in sparkle-Dust rag & oil-Buff etc.) I couldn't find the source on this one either. If you know, let me know. 
I think that installing a tension rod underneath your sink to hold spray bottles is brilliant!
I hope that I have inspired you to try cleaning something in a new way! What are some of your favorite DIY cleaning recipes? I would love to hear.
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  1. My project for next month is to switch to natural cleaners. I've pinned this. Thanks.


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