Friday, March 22, 2013

Why I have been MIA...

I hope that you will all forgive me for my absence lately.

We were lucky enough to go to Mexico a couple of weeks ago! It was absolutely wonderful! The hotel that we stayed in was amazing, the beach was glorious and my company wasn't too shabby either.

Oh how I needed a vacation! This was an all inclusive and so I truly didn't have to lift a finger. I got in trouble in the spa because I went to put my towel in the dirty clothes.  The food was oh so good and I truly needed the Vitamin D.

This is where my story starts to take a turn for the worst. I got sunburned on the first day on my legs, using SPF 50 and I was only outside for 2 hours.  I didn't really think anything of it until I started to retain water. My feet went from normal to cabbage patch in 3 hours. Hmmm-this was weird. I got on the plane to come home and soon realized that super swollen legs do not mix well with changing cabin pressures. When we finally landed in SLC, I could have kissed the ground!

I tried to sleep that night, but didn't have a lot of luck. We headed to the Dr. the next day. Diagnosis-2nd degree burns. What to do now- rest, elevation.and pain pills.

By the next day my legs looked like something out of the Walking Dead, so we called a wound specialist. 
Good news, they could help me, bad news, it was going to take awhile. 

Warning-I am going to show you some pictures that are a little disturbing because they are so gross. Forgive me. 

The 2nd picture is what my legs looked like as I was sitting in the wound office waiting room. Nasty! He took one look at me and said I had 3rd degree burns and cellulititis in both of my legs. 

I have been in so much pain! Seriously, who knew that a sunburn could or would turn into this nightmare?!  So I have not been able to do anything but elevate my legs and lay in my bed and take pain pills and yell at my kids from my room to stop fighting. 

After 2 days of treating with silver cream, non- stick bandages and elevation, I went back to the Dr. to get full leg wraps/casts. They are like a cast, but they don't get hard. I thought that I couldn't walk before. 

To make a long story short-my legs have really put a kink in my schedule of living. I have done nothing but watch lame TV, sit online and drink lots and lots of water.  

I hope that you will forgive me for my lack of anything creative. I am hoping to feel 100x better by next week.  Please bear with me until then. If you wouldn't mind, think happy, healing thoughts for me. 

I so appreciate all of you and can't wait to be able to play with glitter and mod podge again. In the meantime, you can follow on me on Pinterest (I have been pinning like crazy) and watch my episodes of Sassy Style on My Craft Channel. 

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  1. Wow! What an ordeal! Do you have Netflix online? I recently had surgery and I really liked having the instant Netflix to watch. There are some great shows on it. I hope you're better soon.

  2. That's terrible!! You poor girl! Sending lots of healing thoughts your way!!!!!

  3. Hi Tausha, I just found you blog today...what a "introduction" post to you! CRAZY!!! I have a cousin that something similar happened to her it is horribly painful...Hope you feel better real fast! I do link your crafts that I have seen so far. Can't wait to see more.
    Get well SOON!

  4. Wowza!! You are a super-trooper to make it through that ordeal. If it's any consolation, you look cute as can be in those "before" pictures. . . Feel better! XOXO


  5. I am so sorry to see what you're going through. I bet you are sensitive to the sunscreen ,that looks similar to what happened to me when I used Nair last. I have used that my whole life and suddenly it burned me so bad I had to wash it off as soon as I put it on. Hope you heel fast . I love your blog and watching you on 'The Craft Channel .

  6. Oh my word!! You know how to party hardy south of the border!!Wooooo whooo!!

  7. OMG! That is awful! I have never seen a sunburn so bad. Looks nasty and I bet it feel even nastier. I hope your legs make a speedy recovery and you can be out rocking a new sunburn soon! (LOVE CANCUN!)

  8. I feel so sad for you! That's completely terrible. I look forward to a crafty post when you're feeling better.

  9. OMG!!! I hope you are doing better.

  10. You are so lucky! My Mom got on a plane when her feet looked like yours I can't remember why but after the plane trip she got worst and ended up having to loose both legs. I really pray from a speedy recovery and do everything the Doctor says!


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