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How to add Spook to your Halloween Decor

I have to admit something…I LOVE the orange and black Holiday a little too much. I collect more decor related to this holiday than any one person should have. This year, I decided it was time to actually get all of my decor items out and see which ones I really loved, and which I could toss and not loose to much sleep over.

What I now have, I love and isn't that what decorating is all about? Loving your space! So, I love my Halloween Decor and how it’s a little spooky, yet cute.
 How to add spook to your Halloween Decor with Sassy Style Redesign

I have said that I love Halloween because I can mix cute, with gross & creepy and end up with cute again! I am happy to say that I tossed a bunch of stuff. What I didn’t toss, I either loved, or added some sass and spookiness to. Nothing too hard or too expensive…I promise!

Halloween decor Collage

My favorite corner  in my house. Spooky yet fantastic!

Halloween faux mante

I put this corner together with the help of my dollar store, some vinyl  and a couple of my old pieces given a little bit of love.

Halloween mantle description 
I don’t have a mantle-so I use my old dresser. It totally works, so if you don’t have a mantle-don’t stress. I pulled out my old window and layered it in front of the only picture in my house, that I don’t move around. I then added my spider web from the dollar store. I had no idea that this web was going to be soo big. It was a surprise when I opened it. It unfolded to a giant web! Wa-hoo!

I pulled out some more more books and sat my favorite 75% off glittered skeleton from Wal-Mart 2 years ago. I added my 3 candle silver “spooky” candelabra and a dressed up crow. I thought that it needed a little but more, so I added a 31 in vinyl (from Vinyl Outlet-best vinyl out there in my opinion) and a junk bow.

What is a junk bow you ask? Well, I signed up for an online class offered by Margie Romney-Aslett. If you are a paper crafter, her name is not new to you. Anyway, Margie offers a fabulous online class titled Spooky Spark. I signed up and I have loved all of the fun ideas and new skills that I have learned. My favorite idea-Junk bows!

What is a junk bow?  Well, its a bow made with all kinds of scraps.  Book pages, tulle, fabric, trims, ribbon etc. I love these things! I have added them to all kinds of stuff. Pumpkins, skeletons, crows, wreaths etc.

junk bow collage

They are super simple to make. Warning, once you start, it’s hard to stop!

You start with gathering your layers..

junk bows supplies

I used a book page, fabric, lace, crepe paper, tulle and a piece of an old measuring tape. Once you have gathered your supplies, you are ready to start junkin.

junk bows step 1

1-accordion fold your book page. This will be your base of the bow.

junk bows step 2

2-Start to add your layers

junk bows step 3

3- Hold the bow in your left hand, it’s a little bit easier that way.

junk bows step 4

4-Just keep layering

junk bows step 5

   5-Once all of your layers are complete, you tie it together. I like to use a small piece of tulle or lace with a little bit of stretch. This seems to hold everything together better.

junk bows finished

When you are finished, glue to whatever you can get your hands on! I glued mine to some pumpkins that I made for The Hive next weekend. I also glued them to almost everything in my Halloween Decor.

These are so fun and simple to make, and oh so addicting! I think that they add the perfect amount of sassy spook to your holiday decor!

You are going to love making these!  Please share if you do. I would love to see…

Happy Creating my friends!

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  1. Great Halloween decor. The messy bows are a great idea. I love decorating the wood dresser in our living room because our family room fireplace mantel is still under construction.

  2. That is such a cool idea, Tausha! Thanks for sharing so I can use up some of my junk on these cute little bows!

  3. So cute! I love those bows!!! Glad I found your tutorial off the DIY Project Parade!

    Kristy @ Shona Skye Creations

  4. I love the name- Junk Bow! :o) So creative! I found you via Positively Splendid!

  5. I love it all!! I love the junk bow and the spookiness over the lamp shades. Cant wait to see you at the Hive also!! and Thanks so much for your awesome comments and support of my blog!! you are wonderful fabulous!!!

  6. Lots of great halloween decor there - those junk bows are awesome! Fab idea!

    Thanks for linking to a Round Tuit!
    Hope you have a fabulous week!
    Jill @ Creating my way to Success


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