Monday, August 20, 2012

IKEA...why it is fantastic!

I love IKEA! I wish that I didn’t live an hour and 15 minutes. away from my closest IKEA.  My husband works less than 10 minutes away though.  I have asked him a couple of times to go there and get this or that.  He can never find what I am looking for. This is a good and bad thing. I usually really need that item, RIGHT NOW, so it's a bad thing that he didn't get it. The good thing...I then get to go to IKEA!

So, when I was asked to a blogging event at IKEA a few weeks ago, I was all sorts of excited. We were treated like rock stars! Have you ever ate at IKEA? It is so delish-I highly recommend that you do. The potatoes at breakfast…yum! In addition to feeding us, they also gave us a sneak peak at the newest IKEA catalog. I felt extremely special!

If you haven’t been to IKEA in while, you really should make a trip to go. They have a ton of new things that are beyond fabulous!

ikea collage
I loved their new styles in furniture. I am not a temporary furniture style girl. So IKEA has not always been my go to. They have changed so much! They have changed some of their lines of their furniture so it’s not so modern. A little more on the classic, pottery barn look! LOVE it!

I love IKEA’S inexpensive storage solutions. When I redid my craft room-I spent a lot of time at IKEA!

Pin Itikea storage collage
I could have spent a fortune at IKEA this last time,  but I restrained myself! I did pick up a few little things that I am excited to make over. As soon as my foot decides to allow me to walk and put weight on it, I will be in my craft room, crafting up a storm!

Here’s a sneak peak of a couple of things that I picked up…
ikea cups and tins

The best part about the whole day…I got to spent it with fabulous company!

all of us at ikea
So grab some girlfriends, or make a date night out of it & go to IKEA! I promise, you will will love all of the new, fabulous things that they have!

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  1. Replies
    1. Yes, it so was! So glad that you were there to share in the fun!!!

  2. I'm 4 hours to the closest one. That should make you feel better!!!

    1. Yes, it's true. I should be grateful!

  3. I love, love, LOVE Ikea. My husband cringes when I ask him to go. I am lucky to have two of them near me about an hour in each direction. I'm so excited about the new catalog- especially because they seemed to have jumped on the repurpose bandwagon...!

    1. So glad that my husband is not the only one who cringes at the thought of IKEA. Silly men, they don't know what they are missing!

      Thanks for stopping by

  4. I have nemertea been to Ikea! I got a catalog last year and found great stuff! Just wish you could order more online!

    1. So sad! If you ever get the opportunity to go, your should run, not walk. Trust me!

      Thanks for stopping by!

  5. I totally pimped my living room out to Ikea now that I'm close enough to one. ;) I have an addiction to that place but luckily it's a little bit of a drive so I can't go too often!

    1. Britni-
      I am so glad that I am not alone! Imagine the damage we could cause to our bank accounts if we were 5 minutes away!

      Thanks for stopping by

  6. Super fun post friend. I am so glad you were able to come out to the event.


  7. Thanks for posting this darling pic of your space. I pinned you so I don't have to come over and bug you any more. I LOVE IT!!! I am so doing this to my shelf.


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