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Fall Paper cone Wreath

I don't have 5 doors that need wreaths. But, I do wish that I had double doors instead of just one. My brother has them and I am totally jealous! They look super cute with 2 wreaths.
Totally off subject...

Anyway..I got to make 5 wreaths for a Studio 5 segment. It was fun trying to come up with 5 ideas that were unique and totally do-able at the same time.

My favorite wreath to create was hands down was the Paper cone wreath.
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paper wreath collage

I am going to share my tutorial of the biggest wreath every known to man. I love it! Go big or go home right? This wreath is so fun to customize to your needs. Whether it’s a party, or a particular holiday or maybe you just want the cutest wreath ever hanging on you wall, fireplace or door.

fall cone wreath supplies

20 pieces of double sided scrapbook paper-I used full 12x12 sheets
Hot glue
5-6: 1/2 sheets of double sided 12x12 scrapbook paper
Lightweight square
Chipboard curly Q
Now, you don’t have to make the biggest wreath known to man. You can cut the 12x12 full sheets to half sheets and your 1/2 sheets to 1/4 sheets. You really can make this any size that you want.

Now you are ready to go!

Please note that there really are not 8 steps to this wreath. I just like to throw in some snarky comments to make sure that you are paying attention. You love that about me..right?
1-Gather your supplies. Don’t forget chocolate & Pandora. Diet Coke or other favorite beverage of choice is highly recommend . If you use full 12x12 sheets, you will need a large work space
to do this, so be prepared.

2-Make some cones using the full size 12x12 sheets. I would explain how to do this, but every time I went to make a cone, I would totally space how to do it. Lame..yes. If you really don’t know how to make a cone-you can check out this tutorial.

 quick tip

 3- Glue the cones onto the frame-seem side down. Make sure that you kind of scrunch your cones together. Not too much, you just don’t want their to be a lot of space between the cones.

4- Keep going until the entire frame is covered. Yes-it is supposed to be that big.

5- Make some cones using your 1/2 sheets. Glue these cones in between the large cones. Every 3 or so.
Remember-seem side down.

6-Add the curly q’s to the center of the wreath using hot glue. You could also use a cute frame, maybe make a banner or some other kind of embellishment.

7-You are going to need to add something to the back of the frame to hang it with. I looped and tied a knot in some jute. I then just glued it on. I used A LOT of hot glue. I didn’t want it to fall off.

8-Hang and then step back and admire your handy work.

paper pizazz wreath 1

Ta-da! So simple it’s crazy! Great naptime craft!
I talked about 5 wreaths in the segment, but I didn’t want to overwhelm you with all 5.  So here is my 2nd favorite wreath that I made.

double sided wreath

Too cute to spook...
spooky side double sided wreath

Welcome Fall
fall side of double sided

Supplies needed-(there are only a few)
Wooden plaque-I picked up mine at
Vinyl-fall & Halloween sayings- mine is from Uppercase Living
Embellishments- spider web, small spider, fall leaves

How to do it-
Drill 2 small holes in top of plaque. This is so you can hang the wreath easily with jute or ribbon.
Paint the plaque any color that you want. I painted the 2 sides the same color. Let it dry.
Add vinyl
Embellish to your hearts content.

Hang and smile! You are so clever to have made a 2 sided holiday wreath. All of your neighbors will be totally jealous!
two sided collage
Happy Wreath Making my friends!

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  1. Gorgeous my friend! Oh, and the wreaths are nice too. ;)

  2. Love this! Definitely have to make this at some point this year =)

  3. So cute! I will be trying my hand at this: thanks for the inspiration!
    Chrissy @ Everyday with the Jays

  4. Very creative and fun! We'd love to have you link this up at our party!


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