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Living Room Decorating 101 com

I love to change up my decor. In every room…constantly!
I blame it on my mom. When I was growing up, I would come home from school every Friday and the living room would be different. She would move the furniture every week. It made our stuff look new again. She was also a bit of a freak about the carpet having streaks in it…but that is a whole other post.
So when summer hit, it was time to move my furniture around..and everything else in the room.

full front room 1

Yes, I realize that this probably isn’t normal, but hey, I already know that I am far from normal.
(have you seen my hair?)

tausha close

I want to make sure that everyone understands that a room doesn’t usually come together the first time, the 2nd time or even the 4th time.
Please don’t be afraid to move things around and then move it again-until it finally comes together.
Case in point…

living room in progress 

Now, I realize that not everyone can move the furniture around 15 times because it is so flipping heavy-but I have a solution for that. You can find these beauties at Home Depot for under $10!

I am not quite sure if this is exactly what they are called, but they do look like the one’s in the picture. I have moved armoire’s, full book cases and king size beds with these. They really do work and I promise you, you and your back will thank me!

I want to share with you some of the simple tips that I use when I re-decorate a space.  Nothing too difficult or too expensive. I promise you that if you try these tips out, your space will feel more homey, cozy and inviting.

decorating tips 101

1.  When hanging your curtains-shoot for the sky.
front window

I have one of those weird half windows. It’s just awesome! So, I finally got smart one day and hung the rod all the way up…above the weird half window.  Now my ceilings are uber tall, so I had to add fabric to 108” panels. I am not going to tell you what I used to add the fabric. I will tell you that it was NOT a sewing machine. Shhh…don’t tell anyone. This tip works especially well if you have a basement room that you are trying to work with.

2. Vary your heights & shapes when making a Vignette
(aka: Grouping)

faux mantle display with globe

I don’t have a mantle, so I pretend that I do. I use an oak dresser that I refuse to paint, even though my husband really, really wants me to.

I wanted something that look like a tray, but wasn’t a tray. So, I used an old frame. If you look close, you will also see that I didn’t even take out the weird patriotic art that was in it.  Whenever I do a grouping, I almost always add some greenery. Fake or real, it’s up to you. Please, I plead with you not to use greenery from the dollar store. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE the dollar store, but not for greenery.

I also love to use old books in different heights. Don’t stress if you don’t have old books, just take your dust jackets off of your new ones. I Love, love the old globe. I picked it up at a yard sale for a whopping $2! My husband hated it, but now I think he is coming around.

owl coffe table close up

When you are looking for your decor, shop your house first. I took the coffee table from my family room and found the textured balls in my garage. (I have a shelf of  extra decor in the garage. I shop there often!)
One last thing about your groupings, use odd numbers. It looks so much better. Trust me.

frontroom faux mantle

I added some lamps to balance out the look. I found these at my local Salvation Army. I didn’t even have to paint them! Don’t think that you have to spend a fortune on new lamps.  If you already have matching lamps, paint them or head to your local local thrift store to find some that you like.  I prefer to spray paint my lamps. If you are not confident in your spray painting skills-you will be after you read this post.
Also-new lamp shades go a long way! Target is a favorite for new shades, but Wal-mart has some great ones as well.

3. Add Texture to your space with pillows, throws and rugs.
I ♥ texture! I am one of those weird people who walk through stores and touch everything. I love texture and the element that it can add to a space.

grey & yellow textured pillows

One of the quickest, most inexpensive ways to do this is with pillows. I love pillows, lots and lots of pillows! I love a great pillow find! Some of my favorite pillow haunts: TJ Maxx, Ross & my sisters basement. My little sis can sew a pillow like it’s nobody business. So, I head to her house when I find a yummy fabric.
I also love to use throws and rugs. No worries if you don’t have a “throw.” I have been knows to use a curtain panel or even a waffle shower curtain to get the look that I want.  

its a dogs world

My dog Bentley is spoiled rotten! I love the dog, and that is why I let him lay on my pillows and my favorite throw.
Don’t over think it. Remember, your home doesn’t have to look like Pottery Barn’s or your neighbors. Your home should make you happy!

summer front room full view

Now, go and move some furniture around!

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  1. I AM IN THIS HOUSE RIGHT NOW AND ITS THE B..ZOMB! and with such an awesome host, I feel loved. hugs, jen

  2. Good to see you posting again and your rock that hair-style!

  3. I love it, it looks great! I used to move my bedroom around every week when I was a kid, I would love to do that in my house now, but the furniture is too heavy, (piano, large tv surrounded by a large amour) so I don't get to move things around like I would like :( Thanks for your fun posts!

  4. So pumped about the curtain up above the round window - totally gonna do that for my daughter's room - thanks for the inspiration :)


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