Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Why you need window treatments

frontroom with bentley
Totally random question…
When you wake up in the morning, do you ever ask yourself-do I really need to get dressed today?
Of course you don’t. Why would you want to face the world naked?
Well, I think that you should think the same way about your windows.
Your windows don’t want to face the world naked either.
Yes, I know that I am pushing the point, just a little bit.
Picture your windows as the eyelashes of your home.
Not having curtains or some kind of window treatment is like not wearing mascara.
This seemingly little thing, can make a big difference.
Yes, I know that I probably sound crazy comparing your windows to eyelashes, mascara and nakedness, but think about it.
I’m right, right?
If anything, you will never look at your windows quite the same way.
Women are always on the hunt for the perfect mascara-I feel the same way about window treatments. I am always on the hunt for the perfect window treatment.
The right length, the right color, pattern and texture.  I may or may not have a  curtain stash in my linen closet. I may or may not have to store it in a space bag because I have wayy too many.  Hey, you never know when the urge to change window treatments will hit you.
I am talking about this because this is the main thing that we add to almost every clients home.
They all say-oh my gosh, I can’t believe how much more cozy the room feels.
We all want our homes to feel cozy. We want people to want to stay, sit down and put their feet up. It’s a compliment. I guess that means that I should feel great when my girls friends always want to come to our house…hmmm…
Tip: When you go to hang your curtains-hang the rod as high as you can get it. This little thing will make the whole room feel taller and larger. You will want to especially do this if you are trying to  make a basement feel bigger.
Nate Berkus compared it to wearing floods or the right length pants.
Hang those curtain rods high and you will feel and see the difference!
 frontroom  bentley2
I wanted to show my front room windows. You can see that I have that weird, half circle window. I have no idea why builders put these in homes.  Anyway-Once I hung the rod above the weird window, the room felt larger, taller and more cozy.  I did have to add fabric to the 108” curtain panels. I may or may not have glued the fabric to the curtains.
graci room finished with window shot
When I did my little girls room makeover, the first thing I did was extend the curtains. Well, I didn’t add the fabric-I couldn’t glue the fabric in a ruffle, so my little sister did it for me.
I went through my curtain stash and used 2 valances and 2 tab top panels. My sister added the plaid valances to the top of the panels. You see why it’s important to have a curtain stash…?
Truth time-I am not too fond of tab top panels. So, the plan was to tack the tabs down. Well, she started sewing the valances on the wrong end of the panel. Whoops. No worries-we just hung the curtains up side down. You can’t tell right?
 frontroom pics full window
Hopefully I have inspired you to add some love to your windows. Even if they are not the “normal” shape. Embrace your windows and show them some love!
So tell me-do you have mascara on…your windows?
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Happy Decorating!

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  1. Every window in my house is totally naked! What is wrong with me? Actually I like it a bit -just real fresh & clean lines but I am thinking about drapes downstairs in my family room- so I'm making progress ;)

  2. All of our windows have mascara on :) I'm too paranoid for them not to! However, I COULD see how someone who has amazing views on the top of a hill with no neighbors around to see inside would want to keep all of the windows unobstructed. Sadly, our house is not on top of a mountain nor does it have amazing views :(

  3. Hi Tausha! Thanks for stopping by my blog today! I am glad that you did and even happier to see what a fabulous blog you have! I am now following too!

    Amanda @ The Ivy Cottage Blog


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