Friday, May 18, 2012

How to photoshop a picture without using photoshop

I am so excited to tell you about this fantastic new skill that I learned.

I love the look of a Photoshop picture. I really do. Unfortunately, my brain does not love Photoshop. It’s kind of like a story problem from 8th grade geometry.

Completely foreign to me.

I just got a “big girl” camera for mothers day and while I love it, I am still learning how to use it. When Picnik disappeared, I know that all of us were a little sad. I found this program Camerabags2 and I love it! It makes editing my non-professional pictures to looking like professional pictures. Everybody needs to know about this awesome program! I am telling you all about because it really is fabulous and I know that you will develop a love affair with it too! It’s totally normal to have a love affair with a non-living thing, right?

I had given up ever being able to have amazing Photoshop quality photos..until I found Camerbag2.

This awesome program is fantastic for editing your photos and getting an amazing, professional results.


Plus-it takes about 3 minutes to learn the program and 1 minute to start editing.

They had at me at 3 minutes to learn. Oh, and it is way cheaper than Photoshop.

camer bag how to with arrows

This is a screenshot from the Camerabag2 program. There are so many awesome things that you can do with this program. From tons of photo styles to choose from, to amazing adjusting tools to awesome borders.  On this main page you can click “Help” & watch videos on how to use the program or read about how to use it.

One of my favorite features is the tool bar. Anything that you click on is shown on this toolbar. Your border style, your editing styles etc.  You can then save these adjustments to your favorites. That way if you find a favorite way to edit your pics-they can all have the same finished look. This was important to me because I hate it when I am editing my pics and they don’t all have the same saturation or editing adjustments in each one. I find out when I go to upload them into a post. I HATE it when this happens. Camerbag2 alleviates this problem completely.  Run over to Camerbags2 and see what all the fuss is about. You will be very grateful, I promise!

Plus-all the money that you save on using this program instead of purchasing the other one-You can buy some amazing shoes or a fantastic new rug!  Then of course you could take pics of your new purchases, & edit them with Camerabag2!  I could talk more about this program, but you don’t want to read my opinion, you want to try out your own free trial. Plus-the kind people at Camerbags2 are giving away a Canon 5d mkIII-who doesn’t want a free camera?

shelf with camera bag help

Ps-this is a sneak peak of my $300 Bathroom Makeover. Picture edited with Camerabags2-of course.

More pics coming soon!

Happy Decorating!

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