Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Decorating or Dentistry


No, I am not changing my passion & love for decorating to dentistry.

This is just my excuse for not practicing what I love.

I haven’t touched a can of paint, my glue gun or a piece of fabric in over 3 weeks.

I know-shocking..right?

Sad, but true.

After I had kids, my teeth started freaking out. Meaning that my teeth would get infected, then I would get a root canal then it would have to be pulled out.


Not so much.

Well, the latest saga in my mouth is really lame and really painful.

I had a implant placed a year ago.  3 weeks ago I went in and had the post put in and a temporary tooth. I was so excited to be able to chew! Wa-hoo!

What I was not so excited about was the pain that unfortunate followed.

When I visited the dentist yesterday and I was not only bawling, I also had an anxiety attack in the chair. I have had it with my teeth.

My dentist is trying to figure out what to do with me as well.

So, I am posting to ask you for your prayers. I know that teeth on a total stranger are kind of a weird thing to pray for, but I would love any help and comfort that I can get.

The next step is to take the entire implant out. That sounds like a horrible process. The implant has been in for a year and so the bone has completely formed around it. The idea of taking it out terrifies me.

Sorry for complaining. I so appreciate you listening and your help.

Happy Decorating!

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  1. Funny picture!! I'm sorry it's been such a painful long process for you- that stinks! Hope you're enjoying lots of ice cream & popsicles though ;)

  2. My husband has one implant. It took forever to get it all done and his has done well. What is going on with yours that it is causing you pain? That just does not sound like fun for you at all. Hoping the dentist can figure this out and make it right for you. :-((

  3. I'm so sorry. A few years ago I lost a stomach tooth (next to the front tooth) I wore a flipper for 5 years because I was afraid to get an implant.....still am. I hyperventilated sitting in the parking lot of the dentist office. But, with help from the dentist....Prince Valium....he prescribed for a few visits, I can manage the visits without the embarassing involuntary jerks, tears, trembling, almost wetting myself. Can't help with the pain....pain sucks and could possibly be a part of your life, but the panic attacks can be helped. good Luck....I'm sending prayers and I'll have my hubby pray, his prayers get past the ceiling of our bedroom. BTW, I'm a blog-stalker, yours if fun

  4. Tausha,

    I'm so sorry!!! There is noting worse than when your mouth hurts. A few years ago I had my wisdom teeth pulled one weekend, got braces put on the next, and had four more teeth pulled the next week. I was absolutely a wreck. When your mouth hurts it's literally all you can think about. I'll be praying for you. Hang in there, sister!


  5. Please know that you're totally normal and not alone! Right now I'm dreading gum surgery for " pockets" in two spots and recession in another. They're actually 2 separate procedures but the perio said he'd do the sx for free if I agreed to have him do it all at once. I'm freaking would save us $1,000 (!) but I'm afraid to have so much done at all sucks. But you will get through it. I'll be sure to add you to my prayers. Hang in there.

  6. So sorry you're having so much teeth trouble. I got dry sockets when I got my wisdom teeth out, and I think tooth pain was right up there with a C-section. Totally praying for you my friend!

  7. The thought of sitting in that old dentist chair can send shivers to one. Thanks look for Barrie Dentist.


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