Monday, April 30, 2012

Did you see the change in the title?
I know, I know, I'm a little behind, but better late than never, right?

Sassy Style
is now
Sassy Style

I know that you are all just giddy about this..right?
Change your info in your reader, because you will not want to miss any of my crazy, informative, hilarious posts.
I might be pushing it with hilarious, but you know what I mean.

At this time....

I am having technical difficulties. 
My husband, aka TS -Technical Support, is working on it. 
Hopefully we will be good to go later today. 

In the meantime-if you really want some eye candy or some inspiration-
check out my Pinterest boards.

I am pretty sure that I have an addiction to this thing, so I have a TON of pins.

If you don't follow me, you know you want to. Plus, I want you to, then I can follow your pins as well.
Does that even make sense?
Hope so.
One more thing..

Are you on Instagram? If you are not, I highly recommend it.

I would love to follow you on Instagram as well.
Because we both know that we love to look at pictures of total strangers, their families, projects and food that they eat.
It helps us feel like we know them..right?
That's what I tell myself.
If you think about it, it still is a little weird.
I feel like I'm looking in their window, at night..when they left their curtains open.

So, please, allow me to peak into your life. 
(In the totally non creepy way)
I encourage you to peak into mine.

Happy Monday!


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