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Annie Sloan Chalk Paint DIY Bench


Annie Sloan Chalk Paint

DIY Bench Makeover

ascp entryway bench

If you have ever visited my blog before, you know that I LOVE Annie Sloan Chalk Paint!

We are talking, pretty sure it’s not healthy to love paint as much as I love this paint.

Why do I love Annie Sloan Chalk Paint so much?

my chalk paint pi

The versatility, hands down. You can paint anything with this paint. Anything! You can read more about my past Annie Sloan Chalk paint projects here. I give a lot of tips and ideas to help you love the paint as well.

The reason I am talking about my love affair with the chalk paint is because of my Entryway Makeover.

how to diy entryway to awesome

I painted a sad, forgotten bench and now it takes the center stage it so deserves.

(Yes, I totally realize that I am talking about my bench like it is a person…)

Entryway bench after

The bench is the perfect fit for my entryway. I don’t have a huge space and this bench measures 11” deep, so it fits perfectly. Plus, I love the cute curves.

My bench left a lot to be desired before..

bench before

I am totally over the whole honey oak look. It was great in the 90’s, but not so much now.

It had been a while since I had used Annie Sloan Chalk Paint, I knew that it would be perfect for my bench DIY.

I didn’t have enough of one color, so I mixed my own. That is one of the many reasons why I love Annie Sloan Chalk Paint. I can mix colors  to my hearts desire. I wasn’t too worried about brush strokes, so I quickly slapped the paint on.

bench painted

I wanted the bench to look shabby chic, so I didn’t let the paint cure for 24 hours. If you don’t have the paint cure for 24 hours, a little of the paint will come off when you wax. Keep this point in mind when painting.

After the first coat was dry, I dry brushed some old white in some corners. I wanted the curves of the piece to really stand out, so I made sure that I gave the curves some extra attention.

Entryway bench close2 Entryway bench close3

When you dry brush with Chalk Paint, it’s not quite the same as regular water based paint. Because the chalk paint is so thick, you brush on some water after you have done your first coat of dry brush. Does that make sense?

1- Dip brush in Old White.

2. Wipe off most of the paint on an old towel.

3. Paint on the piece. Make sure to go different directions when painting this on. Up and down, side to side.

4. Dip brush in water, wipe off excess water if needed. Use watered brush to go over spots if you want the white to be thinner, or not look as prominent in one spot.

After I dry brushed the white, I added the clear wax. I waxed the entire piece with the clear wax. I wiped the clear wax on and the buffed it off with the same rag. 

I then added some dark wax in some corners and on the edges of her fabulous curves.

Entryway bench pics 004  Entryway bench pics 005

Don’t worry if you get to much of the dark wax in one spot. Just put some clear wax over the spot and wipe it off. It acts like an eraser..sort of.

Then she was finished.  Sort of.

Entryway bench back

Yep, I didn’t paint the back of the bench. My arm was ready to fall off and I figured that nobody would see the back anyway. So, yes, I totally left it unpainted and I am totally ok with it.

Did I mention that I am little on the lazy painter side? When one paints for 3 days solid and has pins and needles in her wrist, she becomes a lazy painter.

And to keep it really real, what my entryway usually looks like..

Entryway bench irl

Well, almost. I did throw some papers away and some of my 12 yr. olds shoes & earrings down the stairs.              ( I choose to not go in her room, it just makes me swear)

I love my little bench & her fabulous curves!

PS-If you noticed that every picture has a different pillow, you will also learn that I am a bit of changing pillows for the season freak. Just keeping it real.

Entryway bench after

If you are new to Annie Sloan Chalk Paint and have some DIY questions. Please, shoot me an email.                          I am happy to help if I can.

Happy Creating!

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  1. LOOKS FABULOUS TAUSHA, WAY TO GO. I have to try that chalk paint. Maybe on my shelf Desi handed over to me. winks, jen

  2. Love your new entry It's bright and Happy! I also loved meeting you at SNAP it was fabulous!

  3. I've yet to use Annie Sloan! I'm behind the x's! SO cute! Pinning!

  4. Love it! And that multi colored throw pillow! Is that homemade or store bought? Details please!!!

  5. I love the whole space. The bench is beautiful. I remember our talk about the stairs. I have the same problem.

  6. Marvelous bench! It looks so chic.

  7. I know I alread said this but I love this bench and if you ever get rid of it send it my way!!!
    Your space looks great.

  8. That turned out so cute! It was great to meet you IRL last week at the market!


  9. I love this, it turned out beautiful!! I have GOT to try AS paint!! I have a lot of honey oak 90s junk I could use it on!!


  10. Love that bench and what you did with it--looks fantastic!

  11. hey lady...where do you buy your chalk paint?

  12. Awesome job! I love the color you chose. It looks great with your pretty yellow door!

  13. The bench turned out great! (Love that you showed the "real" pic too, w/ actual jackets and stuff visible!) Came over via Amanda's Serenity Now Weekend Blog Reading Links. :)

  14. super cute. Love that color!

    ~ Emily N. from "too Blessed to Stress"

  15. Looks great!! Love the colour.


  16. I am brand spankin' new to ascp and ran across your blog when I was looking for a tutorial. Thank you for putting it out there... I love all your projects and how you explain everything. I am looking forward to really reading everything when I'm done with this vanity. :)

  17. That is one fabulous entry way!
    Stopped by from TT&J. I would love for you to come by my party and link this up or any other lovely project of yours!


    Angie from Little Inspiration

  18. That is so very pretty!
    I would love if you came by my party happening now to link it up!
    Stacey Of Embracing Change

  19. Oh...this turned out stunning!!! What a difference paint can make!! Thanks you so much for sharing at Uncommon! Featuring this today on our facebook page!! :)

  20. Hi Tausha! What a sweet transformation! You did a lovely job and it looks fabulous, even with your real-life stuff about :)

    Really fun stopping by to meet you, Sassy Girl!

    Kindly, Lorraine

  21. Totally Perfect!!! I'd love to have you share at my party...it JUST opened!!!


    XO, Aimee

  22. Love this! I really need to try that chalk paint! And I'm totally a lazy painter. ;)

  23. I love how this turned out, so gorgeous!! Well done :)

  24. Cute project! I would love for you to share this with my "Unveil Your Genius" link party (new party every Thursday).

    Happy Sunday!

  25. That bench turned out awesome!! I don't have any experience with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint yet, but I'm dying to try it on something. It's hard to find where I live, but whenever I get my hands on some, I just may hit you up for some tips!

  26. Featuring YOU today. :)

    Ginger @ gingersnapcrafts.com



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