Friday, February 24, 2012

I have been a little shy lately…

I know that this is a total shocker to all of you.

Me…shy? Yep.

Well, maybe not exactly shy, but annoyed, frustrated and then embarrassed.

If you have been reading my blog lately, you know that I am on a weight loss journey.

I was really hoping that it would be more of a 6 mile run rather than a 26.2 marathon.

I have been doing Weight Watchers. When I first started, I was doing really well.

Then I got sick.

Not the” lose weight cause I’m sick,” sickness.

More like the “gain 8 lbs. cause I’m sick,” sickness.

It has been awesome!

Well, I am all better and I ended up 2lbs. heavier than when I started Weight Watchers.

I was ticked!

To say the least.

I jumped back on my ww  schedule and didn’t lose a flippin pound!

So, I thought, screw it and I ate whatever I wanted…for 10 days.

A lot of whatever I wanted.

I didn’t gain, but I sure as heck didn’t lose anything either.

I love Dr. Oz! Really, I love him! I want to go on his show.

Why am I telling you this random thing about me?

Well, he has this thing that he is doing with WW. Transformation Nation.


I thought, “what the heck, I will sign up.” I could win a million dollars. I guess I could use a million dollars..

So, I filled out the questionnaire, answered a zillion questions and ended up what my daily calorie intake should be to lose weight & to to be exercising 3x a week.

Holy crap people-2500 calories. Now, I realize that this is not an exact science, but I now know that I have not been eating enough points. My mother has been telling me this for weeks. (she used to be a ww leader)

I am ashamed to say that I didn’t listen to her, but yet I will listen to a total stranger (Dr. Oz)

So, I have been eating more food than I usually do. Good Food. Lots of veggies & fruits and I upped my dairy intake. (again, my mom told me to do this awhile ago…I am hanging my head in shame)

I upped my point total by 5 with this week. (in addition to my activity points)

I am happy to report-the scale moved today!


I am still up from where I started ww, but I have to let that go.

A loss is a loss.

So, this week-down 1.4lbs.


A totally random subject change in the same post…cause that’s how I roll.

Anyway…people have asked me how I kicked my Diet Coke habit?


Honestly, I did it Cold Turkey. I haven’t had a cold, burny, Diet Coke  in 56 days. (yes, I know that I made up the word “burny,'” but if you drink soda-you know exactly what I am talking about)

I have tasted one though. Unfortunately, it was not good.  I was a little sad about that. I still wanted it to taste sooo good.


This is going to sound totally random, but I miss the addiction.

I miss the fact that in my mind-a Diet Coke could fix a bad day.

Does that make sense?

I don’t miss the drink, I miss the Diet Coke 2pm treat.

Am I totally on my own here?

I know that this is weird, but I can’t be the only one who feels this way.

Can I?

I have found  a treat that I like..a lot.

It helps with the whole missing my diet coke habit.

sparklingice image

Sparkling Ice

flavored, carbonated water that I get at Costco.  It’s flavored with splenda and no calories or weird ingredients that I can’t pronounce.

They are a little more pricey-so if you pick some up, don’t share them with your kids!

Another treat that I found that is oh so yummy!


Dark Chocolate Mint M&M’s!

My cute husband brought a bag home for me the other day and I could have just kissed him when I tasted them.

The dark chocolate is usually not my favorite-but these M&M’s are delish! 1 single serving bag is 6 points-but they are much more rich that regular milk chocolate. So, 1 bag was more than enough of a treat.

Try these things:

Sparkling Ice

Dark Chocolate M&M’s

Darigold Cottage Cheese (at costco and oh so good!

The Bathroom is finally finished!

Can’t wait to show you the pics!

Stay Tuned!!!


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  1. Keep it up my friend!
    I am starting today my diet... going to SNAP is my inspiration ;)
    I loose weight really fast but I put it right back really fast too.

    I have to loose mine because I have bad bones that don't handle the weight well. However SNAP is the inspiration? SAD!

    Anyways, love you tons!


  2. Weight loss is a journey. I started eating differently 3 weeks ago and have only lost 5 pounds, as of that first week. My weight just won't drop any further! This stinks. Evidently it's a very long, very slow journey.

  3. A pound a week is a very respectable amount. You're better to lose slow because you then have a better chance of keeping it off. Good job!

  4. Keep up the good work, weight loss SUCKS! But honestly it's been said that 1 to 2 lbs per week is ideal, so you are on the right track! Thanks for sharing some "treat" tips with us. 3pm hit's and i'm dying for something chocolate.

  5. I love to follow your blog! You are amazing!! I totally get what you mean about the Diet Coke addiction. I have tried to kick my Dr. Pepper addiction several times and i fail every time. I even did it for 3 months straight in the start of my pregnancy to be healthier but it didn't last. I missed going to my favorite gas station drive through that has the BEST Dr. Pepper.... So you start up again thinking oh just a casual one here and their won't hurt! Ya right! But It really was a good pick me up on a bad day or added more happiness on a great day. DANG ADDICITiONS!! I can kinda feel for those trying to kick drinking or drug addiction. Its hard!

  6. Well, you are such an inspiration! In weight loss, in home decor, in life! Good luck! I, too, am trying to find that magic blend of eating and exercise to help me shed my 40 lb baby weight (my baby is 13...years!) Keep posting about your successes! :)

  7. ...and your struggles. It helps me feel like I'm not alone. :)

  8. Weight Watchers really works and it worked for me. However I put the weight back on because I did not stay on it and just ate...M & M's and coke. Now I am on a different Ideal You diet at our local hospital. It is strict with no carbs, no sugar, and no calories and you eat only their high protein foods and certain weird vegies. This will drop the weight FAST and you don't loose muscle mass. But i also don't know what will happen when it's over and I am 25 pounds lighter. Will I gain it all back? What a roller coaster life and weight is. That's why we need each other for support. You can do this...I know you can.

  9. You are not alone! I can write the same story AND I totally get the burn things, I have loved it since I was just a kid! Keep on keepin on!

  10. I tried to loose my extra pounds for several years before I suddenly had to decide to either pay Weight Watchers, or go to a larger size of clothing, only available at those special stores. The first thing I learned at WW was that I had not been eating enough! I followed the plan, got to eat more, lost the weight quickly and easily and have been a Livetime Member ever since. Now that you have finally learned the secret just follow the plan. You will see the pounds melt off. And whatever you do, when you reach goal weight, keep going back for that once a month weigh in. It makes you accountable and you won't gain it back. Good luck to you!

  11. Good for you! Awesome! Did you know Ms. House of Smiths is also on a weight loss journy. Maybe you can share the pain together in blog land.

  12. Congrats, Tausha! Keep up the good work, girlie! I know what you mean about the cola burn. Mmmmm! But I only treat myself to a coke or Diet Sierra Mist a couple times/week.

    And I feel your pain about the weight loss battle. I've been trying to lose 20 pounds F.O.R.E.V.E.R. My problem was that I wasn't moving enough. Calories in - calories out! So I upped my treadmill & elliptical workouts to 4-5x/week, reduced my caloric intake, don't each a bite of food after 8pm, and I've lost 5 pounds in the past 2 months. Yeah....that's a sloooowwww way to do it, but at least it's coming off! Keep sharing with us, Tausha! You're a great role model for those of us running that same path with you! :)

    xoxo laurie

  13. Thanks for sharing.. You keep me inspired width Weight Watchers.. I love weight Watchers friends.. It totally works!

  14. What an inspirational blog. Good luck with your weight loss, I'm on the same journey right now, and it's such a struggle some days.. but keep up the good work :)

  15. I feel your pain! I started in July and I am down 60 pounds, but every single pound has been a struggle. I LOVE Dr. Oz!! I record his show every day and have a whole page of notes from his weight loss hints! You can do it!

  16. Where did you get those dark chocolate M&M's? I need some!

  17. Instead of Diet Coke it's Dr. Pepper for me! Bad day? Have a D.P. I am trying cold turkey...again.


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