Sunday, February 12, 2012

A birthday party and a bathroom redo

These two things have been on my to do list and I am happy to report that the 10 yr. olds birthday party is over..and the bathroom is almost done.


Here is how the bathroom looked before.  Kind of.

I took the pics after we ripped the floor tile up and installed the backer board in the shower.

bathroom makeover collage

Look at the lovely, yellow, nasty linoleum that the before crappy, tile job was hiding. 

( the previous owners did this, not us)

I know that you are totally jealous of my awesome before.

We re-did this bathroom because we needed another shower desperately.  I have 3 girls and they all shower in my bathroom. They also have been known to help themselves to my extremely expensive shampoo and conditioner.  I also have this whole weird thing about my girls not smelling like me. So…I am not very good at sharing my body wash & lotion.

So basically, we redid the bathroom because I don’t know how, or rather don’t want to share my stuff.

That is a fantastic reason..right?

I thought so too.

The only things left to do until I get to reveal the whole new bathroom to ya’all-

* paint the walls

* paint the bead board

* paint the vanity and new mirror

* install the new light and faucet and of course…accessorize.

The bad news-all of these responsibilities are mine.

I can not blame my undone bathroom on anyone else but me.


Hopefully I will have tons of after pics to show by this time next week.


One of the reasons why I have been a little behind on my to do list-

My 10 yr. old had a birthday party with 15 little, spunky, sugared up 10 yr. olds.

I love her, but I love the fact that the party is over more.

hannah party collage

Well…ta-ta for now.

Happy Creating!


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  1. I can't wait to see how the bathroom ends up looking =] re-dos are so much fun


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