Monday, January 16, 2012

Old table turns into Fabulous Ottoman

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Who doesn't look at a table and think ottoman?
What? You don’t normally do that? I wish that I could say that I never did, but my brain is not normal. Therefore, it does not think “normal” things. 

That is why when I saw this little table for a whopping $5

 I knew immediately that it would turn into this!

If I wouldn't have changed my mind 3 times-this project would have been super quick. 
But because I did, it took a bit longer. 
The whole project is still super simple though.

You need to gather your supplies.

Foam-Holy crap! Who knew that foam was so expensive?!
Staple gun & lots of staples. Hand or compressor, your choice.
Batting-the kind that comes in sheets. I have no idea what the exact term is, but I know that you know what I am talking about. 
Stencil & supplies (optional)

OK-in case my pictures and instructions are not exactly clear. 

1.  Measure your foam (my super scientific method is totally optional)

2.  Now that you know how high your ottoman will be with the foam-you know how much you want to cut off. My table measured 16" high. I cut off 5 1/2" off of each leg. My trusty husband just pulled out his miter saw and it worked fabulously. 

3. Cut strips of foam for sides of table. (this is so you don't have sharp edges.)
4.  Staple your foam to the table edges. You might need a 2nd set of hands for this step. 
5. Cover top with sheet of batting. (not pictured) This is so you don't have a weird, indented side.
6. Cover with your choice of fabric.
7. Staple, staple, staple.
8. Remove excess fabric.

Ok-so I tried two different fabrics before I decided on the 3rd option, 
which happened to be a drop cloth from Lowe's. 

1st try..


2nd try..

Fail! Not liking this one either.

3rd try...

Ding, ding, ding! We have a winner!!

I did add some extra detail with my Cutting Edge Stencil in Kerry damask pattern.
What can I say, I love to embellish!

This project was super simple and like I said, super quick if you don't change your mind 15 times. 

Definitely try this! You will love it!

Happy Creating!


  1. Third time was definitely the charmer! You made the right choice ;-)

  2. What a great idea! thanks for sharing. Denise @

  3. The end result is amazing!! Yes, foam is ridiculously expensive, but it's a fraction of what this ottoman would cost at a store!! I love the fabric you chose and the embellishment. Awesome job!!

    Thanks SO much for linking it up to my party!!

  4. Your third try is most definitely a charm!! Love this ottoman!!! :)


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