Monday, January 16, 2012

A day late and a dollar short…when it comes to my weight loss posts


So sorry!

Forgive me?

You guys have been so fabulously supportive on my weight loss journey, I am so happy to have all of you!

So first of all, Thanks!

As my husband says, Love ya like a fat kid loves cake!

Cake..I so love cake. All kinds of cake. No, not really the cake, more like the frosting!  My oldest got a gift card for Christmas for the store “Icing.” My brother in law asked if that was a frosting store?!

How cool would that be? A frosting store?! Come on, doesn’t that sound even the least bit yummy?

I am having a sugar moment.

Let it be known, I am in love with sugar!! LOVE it!! Sugar of all kinds. But I do have a soft spot for all things from Lee’s bakery and frosting.

Total sugar tangent. Sorry.

Good News-I have been off of Diet Coke for 15 days! Wa-hoO!

I am doing my best to drink good old, plain water. I am also trying to tell myself that it’s delish and yummy and I love it. I am also trying to tell myself that exercising is fun and fabulous and I can’t live without it. I totally can live without it, but my body doesn’t seem to want to get rid of the fat without the help of exercise.

LAME! Oh well, at least I figured it out early in the game..right?

This is a totally strange post. Sorry about that. I blame it on the nyquil.

As for the Weight Loss update

down 4lbs in 2 weeks

Seriously soooo excited!

I am telling myself that this week’s weigh in will be much smaller than the last two.  The slower it comes off, the longer it stays off, right?

Things that are working for me..

2 point veggie soup from my favorite website. We make a batch up at the first of the week and eat it all week. It freezes fabulously and it’s delish with a little bit of feta. YUMMY! Highly recommend. Plus, it’s 2 points for 2 cups. That is a ton of soup!! Try it-you will love it!!

Also-make these Gyro’s! You will dream about them, that is how good they are! SOOOOOO delish!

What is not working for me-

My local bakery.

My local bakery, Lee’s, makes the best treats ever! They are my weakness.  They rotate their treats and one of my favorites is Strawberry cheese strudel bites. Holy delish! Well, they almost never have these. That was until this past weekend. I should have never went in there-never! I bought a box and ate the whole flipping thing! THE WHOLE THING!  Needless to say, I had to exercise..a lot.

I should really quit sugar, but then I would be the horrible, no good, very bad mom and wife. So, instead I am going to keep drinking water and eat sugar…occasionally.

Wish me luck!

Hope that all of you are turning into hot, rockin babes!

Any tips that you want to share with me on how to kick the sugar habit, I would be forever grateful!!


  1. I just discovered sugar free Tang. I let myself have 3 glasses a day. Plus my WATER!! My friend sent me mine from Oregon, so I am on the hunt for it here. I haven't had a great week. Not sure why but...., tomorrows a new day:0
    Proud of you for putting it all out there, its hard!
    Good luck & congrats on the loss.

  2. 15 days??? You go girl! That's awesome! Sounds like you're doing good with your plans. I wish I had a solution to the whole sugar thing...but I am addicted as well, and also live near Lee's, so I know what you're sayin'. We should start a Sugar-holics Anonymous club or something!

  3. 15 days!! WHOOT!!! Good job!!

    I am addicted to sugar as well...ESPECIALLY cake...and FROSTING!! I won't even TELL you where you can go and buy frosting SHOTS!! :)

    Keep up the good's SO hard I know. It's a DAILY battle...sometimes I feel like I might make it...some days...not so much!!

    You can MAKE it...hell..if you can quit diet can do ANYTHING!!

  4. Have you heard of that dessert flavored gum? That might help with the sugar habit. Just chew the gum when you get a big craving. The other solution is fudgecicles (I'm not spelling that right, am I?) They are only about 1 point for 2 skinny sticks and hit the spot when you are craving something sweet!

  5. Oh, Tausha......I sooooo hear ya, girlie! First of all, congrats on losing those four pounds! Woo hoo!!!!! I'd be thrilled if I could do that! I've been hitting the treadmill and elliptical 5 days/week for a month now....and haven't dropped a single stinkin' pound!!! My problem is portion control. My eyes always deceive me. I need to take 1/2 of what I'm scooping on my plate and just figure that a little hunger is perfect ok and I'm not going to pass out from it. lol! That dessert gum IS very good, btw! I love my fruit, tho. Gotta have my clementine oranges, apples, and blueberries. And I've been blending up a frozen strawberry protein shake every morning. That seems to help me get through most of the day without growly guts. :) Keep the faith, girlie! We can do this!!!!

    xoxo laurie

  6. Great job!!!! Wow!! I admit to being a slave to the sugar too! That would be why you find so many lightened up baked goods on my blog! lol have you seen my giveaway for a sweet herbal no cal tea? If you haven't, you still have today and tomorrow to enter to try some! Here is the link:


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