Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Box Lids turn Fabulous Wall Decor!

Ok-I know that this might sound kind of crazy, strange and just plain weird.
Who makes wall decor out of old box lids?
Well, that would be the same girl who see's ugly tables as ottomans.

I promise, it looks great.

My 7 yr. old needed some decor on her wall. This decor also had to be free. Why? My husband put the kybosh on my spending, so I had to use what I had.

So, I happened to find a bunch of card boxes and random dog boxes in Target's christmas section for 90% off. I also bought these boxes before my husband told me I couldn't spend anymore money. Shhh...

I then raided my fabric stash. Does anyone else find it strange that I have a 
huge fabric stash and I don't sew...at all?!

Just checking..

After I picked my fabric and painstakingly ironed every piece. (I HATE to iron-even if it's cute fabric)
I puled out my scissors and double stick tape and got to wrapping.

Yes-this is really as simple as wrapping each box with fabric just like you did all of your Christmas present's. Instead of regular old tape, use double stick tape.

Once you get everything wrapped, you are ready to hang or embellish. Now, If I was not putting these super cute, box lid decor in my 7 yr. old's room, I would not embellish them. Instead I would use a fabulously, yummy line like Joel Dewberry. ( I heart him & his fabric!)

But, because it is for a girly, girls room, I did allow myself to embellish.
Ribbon, more fabric, buttons. Whatever goes!

I also had some of this super fantastic fabric paper in my stash. LOVE this! I used this sticky yumminess to cover my round boxes. So much easier. 

Not sure how to cover your round box lids? 
Cut slits around the edge of the paper/fabric and then fold over. 

This was such a fun and simple project. Definitely allowed me to release some stress and really create. I love it when that happens. Probably not as much as my husband and family do but either way, it's a win- win!

Do this! You will love the instant gratification that this project gives!

Happy Creating!


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  1. great use of a box lid! So fun to embellish things for little girls :)

    ~ Emily N. from "too Blessed to Stress"


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