Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Whoever said that money can't buy happiness...

Is a big, fat liar!

Stopped in at Sweet Tooth Fairy..
and I bought this..

Oh, and I got these linen, drum shades from Target for $3.76 instead of $20+ each!
Check out this for possible current savings.

Barrel Lamp Shade - Cream (L)
Yesterday was a Happy, Happy, Happy Day!!!

Money did buy me some happiness yesterday!



  1. I thought you were going to talk about your yummy cupcakes.

  2. I hope you bought some cakebites too! They are heavenly!

  3. Don't you love a day of good finds! I won a $100 gift card to PB...totally made my day!

  4. That would make me happy too, but I would change out the diet coke to a diet Dr. Pepper!


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