Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Skeletons, Spooks & Over sized Tricycles

I had my tooth pulled on Friday & I woke up today with a dry socket.
Because my hole in my mouth hurts, all I have done this weekend is eat ice cream, sleep and watch Good Luck Charlie with my girls. (one of the few Disney shows I can stand. Although, Phineas & Ferb-Hilarious!)

I thought that I would share a couple pics of my Halloween insanity.

I love this holiday! I’m sure more than is normal. There is just something about gross, icky, spooky and cute all coming together that make me happy. Plus, when you add glitter to the whole equation,  what’s not to love?

Example #1

Also, what other holiday besides Halloween, would my Mr. Skeleton(who I brought home from Mexico) be considered super cute? Really, what's not love? Look at those teeth..the Tie!
Example #2
What other holiday besides Halloween, would you want to display a miniature skeleton on an oversized trike? Spooky & Fabulous!

Random thought…
Ok-these shelves  is a perfect example that you don’t have to fit into a particular decorating box. These shelves are a mix of all kinds of styles. I have to point out my mirror. This mirror would normally not fit into my  “decorating style.” BUT-when I saw it, I LOVED it! I knew that it would fit the space perfectly!
Decorating Tip
Think outside your decorating box. Pickup something that you wouldn’t normally put in your home.  You just might surprise yourself!

Example #3

My strange obsession with owls is not only totally ok, but embraced!
Example #4

What other holiday would people giggle instead of gasp at my Prof. Bones school scene?

Example #5
Halloween is the only time of the year when people don’t look at me oddly when I cackle, or if my brooms falls out of my car. I’m not big on the hat though. It messes with the hair too much.

On a completely unrelated topic. I may or may not have been savoring these pages since the beginning of October..


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  1. Oh my gosh, I love owl's too, they are awesome!
    Loving your Halloween decorations, they look great. The mexican skeleton, hmm, I want one now, he is to die for cute, hehehe! (but I am serious, love him)


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