Thursday, October 20, 2011

Because there are so many fabulously talented people in blog land, I had to introduce you to a few more today.

The uuber talented Jenny from Days of Chalk & Chocolate
 has 2 awesome wreaths to share with you!
Get ready to pull out your glue gun and dig through your fabric stash!

I’m so excited to be here at Sassy Style!  I was just tickled when Tausha asked me if I would like to guest blog during her wreath week and of course I said “Yes! Sign me up!” Thank you, Tausha, for asking me and for giving me the opportunity to talk about my wreaths! I adore making wreaths. I’m a complete wreathaholic but I refuse to seek treatment. I love my addiction too much!

We recently bought a new home and in preparation I made two wreaths for the fall. The first one I made was my corduroy ruffle wreath. 

 I really wanted to use colors that weren’t  typical fall colors and when I saw this fabric in the remnant bin I knew it was exactly what I was picturing. And the corduroy is a nice texture to add to give it a bit of oomph.   You can find the complete tutorial here.

My second wreath is perhaps my favorite wreath I’ve made recently.  It is my Halloween wreath that blends a little glam with a little creepy! 

It was so fun making it and super easy!  Honestly, the most time consuming part was making the flowers since I did various different kinds. You can find my rolled  flower tutorial here.  The others are just mixed and matched or pieced together with some leftover ribbons and beads.   I think using vintage brooches in place of some flowers would be fantastic too!    Once you have collected your  embellishments you can create your Halloween glam wreath.

Step 1: Gather your supplies. You will need 1 wreath form, about a half a yard ( maybe less) of white linen fabric cut into strips (I varied my lengths and widths), several long, wider strips of any white fabric, glue gun, black/white/gray embellishments such as flowers, beads, etc., black thread, and 1 black glitter foam sheet.
Step 2: Using your thicker, longer strips, start wrapping your wreath completely. Secure every so often with hot glue.
Step 3: Begin tying your smaller strips randomly around the wreath to create the look of mummy wrappings. I secured each tie with a small bead of hot glue so they would stay put. I varied where I tied the knot on the wreath, some are tied high and some are low.

Continue tying until you achieve the look you like. I ended up with strips every inch or so all the way around the wreath.
Step 4: Glue on your embellishments. Lay them out first on the wreath before you glue to find the placement you like best.
Step 5 & 6:  Find a bat silhouette. I found one I liked on Google Images. Print, cut out, and trace on the reverse side of the glitter foam sheet. Cut out.
My glitter foam had a adhesive back. So I peeled it off after cutting it and I stuck it onto a length of thread. I then hot glued the bat to the thread to ensure it doesn't fall off. Next I tied the thread to the wreath in between the strips so the tied part was hidden by the fabric. Then I put a bead of hot glue on the back to secure it to the wreath. And done!

These wreaths are examples of when more is more but I love wreaths that celebrate simplicity.  This is a ruffle wreath I made for my sister and I must admit I secretly wonder if I should sneak it out of her house and into mine!  Ha!

I like the soft, neutral colors and the cluster of flowers add a little sparkle. Sweet and simple!
Happy Wreathing! And thanks again to Tausha for inviting me to be a guest at her beautiful blog!

See? I told you that she was amazing!


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  1. um, you are brilliant in more ways than one! love all the DIYs on your site! thanks for letting me borrow your twister board! ;)


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