Tuesday, September 6, 2011

You know when..

Your house looks like this

and this

and this?

Oh, and do you ever have to sprinkle, liberally dump the whole box of baking soda on the floor because your sweet husband shampooed the carpets and now the "dog" smell is worse than ever?

Oh, & don't even get me started on the laundry. They can all go naked right? 
Or, better yet, turn a shirt inside out.

Yep-it's totally one of those days!

Guess, I should go and vacuum and stuff.

I really, really need a Diet Coke...and a maid..and some sanity!



  1. I just hired a maid! I am so excited... technically I would call her a house keeper and she comes once a week to get to all the stuff I can't seem to! It takes her about 4 hours to do my main floor and my upstairs... the finished basement didn't make the cut last week, so we'll see if she fits it in as she gets into a routine. I am OCD with my cleaning, but working full time and doing PT blog design on the side, plus raising my 3 kids wasn't allowing me to keep my house the way I liked. Hoping this helps me to relax a little bit... although it was SUPER HARD not to clean BEFORE she came! LOL.

  2. Tausha,
    Amen! I'm with you in the maid-less club. I'd really love to be working on projects today, but my house needs some serious TLC. Ugh. Off the computer and to work ...


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