Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Who needs to be pampered & a giveaway!

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I know, I know. That is a ridiculous question.
Maybe I should have asked who doesn't need to be pampered?

So, we are in agreement that we all could use a break..right?
Well, I am here to hook you up!

We are all friends here right?
We don't pass judgement..right?
SO glad that I can share with you a secret or two.

First secret, I am one of those girls who apologizes for my feet to the pedicure people.
You know the kind..
I wish that I had those baby soft feet.
I don't.
I am pretty sure it is because I am addicted to flip flops and I HATE to wear socks. 
So, add these two things together and I'm sure you totally understand the whole embarrassment issue.

Well, I am hear to tell you that my feet are no longer something that I need to be embarrassed about.
No, I have not been to get a pedicure.
I just used this
Massage Candle
from Mary at Heal my Sole.

I know what you are thinking.
How in the heck does a candle help with not so pretty feet?
I have to admit, I thought the same thing.
But, cute Mary insisted that it would help.
She said to trust her.
So, I did.
(Lucky for you all, I did NOT take any pictures of my feet. Just use your imagination)

I am here to tell you that this massage candle is beyond fabulous!
No, it really is!
Even my husband was impressed!

Here is 411 on this magic candle.
You light it and let the wax warm up and then let it puddle.
Blow out the flame and stick your fingers in the wax.
Stay with me here, I know that this sounds weird.
You are going to rub the wax into your heels.

I don't know what exactly is in this stuff, but it is amazing!
I rubbed it into my feet and let it soak in and lo and behold-my heals were sooo much better.
I dare say that they were almost pretty.
Well, as pretty as feet can be.

I also used this fantastic citrus sugar scrub.
Citrus Foot Scrub
This stuff smells good enough to eat.
Actually, Mary uses all natural ingredients, so I'm sure that you could eat it if you really wanted to.

So, between these 2 products, my feet were feeling awesome!

Speaking of feeling awesome, Heal my Sole makes all kinds of wonderful, all natural goodness that you will want to add to your beauty regimen.
The lotion was great! Mary mixed up a special kind especially for me.
Who does that?
Pretty sure not very many companies will not only allow you to mix up your own concoctions, 
but Heal my Sole, recommends that you do.
From lotion, to room sprays to massage oil.
Heal my Sole is happy to personalize!

So, do you want to try out the AMAZING massage/feet whisperer candle, or maybe you are wanting to try   the room sprays, or lotions or oils or lip balms or nail care.

Heal my Sole is giving away
 a $15 gift certificate
to a Sassy Style reader!

To enter:
You need to make sure that you are follower or subscribe to Sassy Style Redesign.
 LIKE  Heal my Sole on Facebook.

Simple right?
 Make sure that you leave a comment for each one.

I hope you win!
Giveaway will end Friday 9/9/11 at midnight.
Good Luck!


The Fine Print:
This giveaway is only open to Sassy Style Redesign subscribers/followers.
If you are not doing this yet, feel free to subscribe via blogger or another reader.
Don't forget to LEAVE YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS. That way I can contact you if you win!


  1. Already a follower.

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  2. "Liked" Heal My Sole on FB! Come on, baby. Mommy needs a foot makeover.

    fillmore517 at hotmail dot com

  3. "like" heal my sole too! Sounds so nice!

  4. I follow you. I so need this stuff. My husband won't touch my feet because they are so rough. I am checking it out now. Thanks.

  5. I like Heal My Sole on FB. Thanks.

  6. I Liked them on Facebook as well. Would LOVE to try this out, you sold me! (Or would that be SOLE'D me? haha)

  7. Liked them on FB! sounds like yummy stuff! I could use that right about now! :)

  8. I'm a follower!

  9. I like them on fb! That sounds awesome!

  10. I liked Heal my Sole on Facebook

  11. I've been a follower of yours since I first saw you on studio5 and fell in love with all your projects...thank you very much and keep 'em coming!

  12. I like Heal My Sole on FB excited to find these products.

  13. I am a follower and could totally use this great stuff!


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