Thursday, September 1, 2011

Fridge Thoughts

Ok-I know what you are thinking.
What the heck are fridge thoughts.
No, they are not about food although, you could totally make some about food.

This is what I am talking about

Fridge Thoughts!

I don't know about you, but my kitchen is where everyone and everything seems to congregate.
There are usually papers and notes plastered all over the fridge.
I had quotes and thoughts on the fridge as well, but they just got lost in all the crap.
So, I decided to make something! 
I love it when I get to "make something" to solve a problem.

I am addicted to Pinterest. Addicted!
It's one of those things that I have to reward myself with.
You know, when I fold a load of laundry and vacuum the stairs, 
then I can go on Pinterest for 20 mins. 
It is such a gigantic waste of time, but I soo love it!
One of my favorite things to pin is words. Quotes, thoughts, words to live by and hilarious things that I so wish I would have come up with.

You so wish that you would have thought of this..right?
I figured everyone could use a little giggle..your welcome!
I picked a few that I liked and went to publisher and made my own version of the super cute one's that people made. 
These people are obviously who are way more talented than I when it comes to graphics.
My versions:

The how to:

I picked up some different sizes of frames at the D.I.
I painted them with my new love, Annie Sloan Chalk Paint.

I picked up some magnet strips from Walmart. They were under $3.
I really wanted to get the round circle, super strong magnets. 
You know, the kind that actually hold things up.
But, stupid Walmart was out.
So I settled for these.

They worked fine. 
They were even pre-cut into handy, dandy little strips.

I stuck them to the frames.
You really should hot glue them though. 
The sticky stuff on the back is a nice idea, but they are not really that sticky.

Then I printed and cut my quotes to the appropriate size. 
I am using big words so this tutorial sounds like it's super cool. It would be totally lame if I said I just printed up sayings, slapped them in some frames and glued some magnetic strips to the back.
Even though that is what I totally did...

I am planning on changing out the quotes every week or so. 
I love how they look like. Plus, it has already started some conversations with me and my kids about how they can do, or not do the things framed on the fridge.
Plus-I know that the repetition of seeing them everyday will help us memorize them.

When I was in 7th grade, I memorized this quote that my friend told me. 
She thought that it was inappropriate for me to say hell occasionally. 
I don't know what the ---- her problem was.

"Swearing is a feeble attempt at a simple mind to express itself forcibly."

Maybe I should put that one in a frame.
Nah..then I would just feel guilty and feel like I am simple minded.

Hope that I inspired you to make some Fridge words, or at least want to try to stop swearing. You know, cause you are so simple minded if you do.

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  1. I LOVE these...I am addicted to Pinterest too! I was laughing so hard because I do the reward thing too, AND with laundry! Love it! Yes, I do repin a ton of your stuff! I'm thinking I'm going to need some fridge thoughts for my house too! Awesome idea!


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