Friday, September 16, 2011

The cutest desk you have ever seen!

Well, maybe that's a bit of a stretch..
but it is pretty flippin cute.
Yes, I am a little biased..

I am embarrassed to tell you exactly how long this desk has been in my garage.
Let's just say that it had become an almost permanent fixture.

I brought her out into the sunshine yesterday, pulled out my Annie Sloan crack, & gave her a new look.
Wonder why I call all of my furniture "her"...

This desk turned out better than I had hoped.
I would really, really, really love to keep her, but I have nowhere to put it.
That would be one of the problems that come from having too much crap!
Who collects furniture anyway?

I have to point out the knobs.

This desk has on some super cute bling!
I didn't have 8 knobs that were all the same.
I know that you are thinking that I should have just went and bought some.
Even at 1/2 off, 8 knobs would get pretty pricey.
Oh, did I mention that these 8 knobs are only for 2 of the 7 drawers?

So, I improvised.
I went through my collection of hardware.
Doesn't everybody have a collection of hardware?

I found some knobs that I liked and sprayed them all the same color.
These are not the knobs that I used, but I wanted you to see how I paint them
Styrofoam, skewers, primer, paint & poly!

I LOVE how this turned out!

This Shabby Chic desk is darling & has tons of storage as well. 
This would be the perfect addition to your home office, child's room, craft room, or your kitchen.
This desk could also be used as a buffet or sofa table. (this would be sooo cute!)

Desk is painted in a creamy white, antiqued and then waxed for extra durability and a fabulous finish. 
Knobs are a unique shape and style. Painted in a soft, moss green. Desk has 7 drawers.

44 1/2" long
20" wide
29 1/2" high

Pickup available in North Ogden
Cash Only please
Call or text Tausha @ 801-737-4554

Have a happy weekend!!



  1. Super cute! I love the knobs too.

  2. WHAT?! how come i've never come across your blog before?? it's SO cute! i love your style. wish i lived in ogden...we lived there about 4 years ago and loved it, i ttly would've bought the desk! ;)

    will be back to check in on your cuteness! (: kelli & kristi

  3. That is darling. I wish I had a place to put it.

  4. There is no way that those knobs look like leftovers - so sassy!! It really is the cutest desk I've ever seen ;)

  5. Tausha ~ I am so glad to have found your blog ~I have been playing around with ascp and it is fun to see what other people are doing with it ~
    I am following you so I can see :)


  6. Great way to paint knobs! Love the desk!

  7. Waaaahhhhh! Why do you have to live in Utah? Too far to drive from Georgia!!


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