Friday, September 23, 2011

The best MASCARA ever!

OK-so you know how there a few things that we as women are constantly in search of?

The perfect know the pair that makes your butt look smokin hot, your tummy look like you never had children AND the little fact that you can breathe when you wear them.
Am I wrong?

What about a fabulous Hair Girl? 
She keeps all of your secrets, 
agrees with you even though you know that she totally thinks that you were wrong 
& she makes you look one smokin hot chica?!

We can't forget about the never ending quest to find the perfect mascara.
I'm sure that a lot of you don't know this about me, but I ADORE makeup.
 I am obsessed with it actually. I LOVE it! 
In my opinion, a good day can be turned into a GREAT day with a quick trip to the MAC counter.

I know that not everyone has the same love affair with makeup that I do.
BUT..I do know that almost every woman wants to know if the perfect mascara exists.
Am I right?
Of course I am!

Well I think, no, I know that I have found the PERFECT mascara!

First-I will share with you my regulations that are required for the perfect mascara.

1-It does not come off under your eyes so you look like a raccoon.
I can't be the only one who has this problem? I have super long lower lashes and super short top lashes. 
It's so AWESOME!
Apparently I was in the wrong line in heaven when they were handing out long lashes.
So, I have to fake it.

2- It stays on & makes your short lashes look longer and your thin lashes look thicker.

3-It doesn't cost as much as a new car. It has to cost less than $25.
I have paid more money than that in the past and I was sorely disappointed. I knew that there had to be a mascara that existed that was awesome and didn't require a 2nd mortgage to be taken out on my house.

Are you dying to hear what it is..

Benefit They're Real! Mascara

The pro's:
Benefit is the company that makes it. So, it is readily available. 
You can pick this up at Ulta, Sephora, Macy's, Amazon.

It has a fabulous wand! In my opinion, the wand makes all the difference.

It makes my lashes look like they actually exist. 

This mascara rocks because it curl's, volumizes and separates your lashes.

It's long wearing, so it doesn't smudge off by the time your done eating breakfast, lunch or even dinner.

This fabulous stuff is only $22!
Yep, the most perfect mascara is under $25!

The con's:
You have to use eye makeup remover to get it off.

People will stop you and ask you how you got such beautiful lashes? (this can get so annoying really fast..)

If your still not convinced, check out this before and after..

This stuff really is the!

How to win your own tube of They're Real! Mascara

1- Follow or subscribe to Sassy Style Redesign
2. -Tell me your favorite makeup product that you can't live without.

(make sure that you leave a comment for each one. Oh, and don't forget your email address.)

The Benefit line is pretty fabulous! I have also discovered a few more things that I can't live without.
There Stay Don't Stray Primer is one of the greatest things that I have ever put on my face!

Totally not exaggerating either. Pores, what pores? 
You put your eye makeup on how long ago?

There you have it. Now you know a few more things about me.
I love spray painting, Diet Coke, and makeup!

What is your favorite "can't live without" makeup?
Remember, were all in this together! We have got to help each other out.
Especially when it comes to looking fabulous!


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  1. I would LOVE to win this mascara! I went to sephora a few weeks ago (for the first time ever) in search of amazing products, a girl tested a few things on my face for me and she used this exact mascara. I fell in love with it, the difference it makes is unbelievable! The only problem is I couldn't wrap my wallet around the idea of spending $22 for every day when I use my $6 covergirl wannabe mascara I want to go buy the real stuff. Wow I just wrote a novel, ok just pick me! I really want it :)

  2. Mu can't live without is light pink lip gloss. Looks so fresh and natural!

  3. I am such a make up lover too! My can't live without product is my Laura Merceir Secret Camouflage. Best concealer I've ever used.
    I thought I had found the perfect mascara, but would happily be proved wrong if I won this :)

  4. Can't live without mascara. I thought Mary Kay mascara was the end all greatest, but would love to be proven wrong! I follow your blog and love it! Thanks!

  5. I have thin, short lashes too and would me some good mascara...I could never find any so I stop wearing it!

    My favorite is a moisturizer/foundation by Merle Norman. I'm so sorry but I don't remember the name and just threw the empty tube out. Getting more today(I just know it when I see it!)

  6. This mascara looks awesome!!! :) would love to have the opportunity to try it out!!!

    I follow your blog!!!

  7. My must have make up, it's actually the sane brand as the's benefit, and it's called a play stick, it's a combo of a soft and hard powder and it works wonders for touching up little blemishes on the go!!! I have been using it for about 5 years now!

  8. So it's sounding like benefit is the brand to fav makeup is benefits erase paste. It gets ride of those horrid under eye circles on this tired momma!

  9. Oh, I think I was in the short line in Heaves with you because I'm in the same boat! I would love to try some of this wonderful lash stuff. Send it my way!! ;)

  10. I've subscribed to Sassy Style :)

  11. I cannot live without my MAC!!! LOVE it!I do love me some make-up!! Hope I win!

  12. My favorite make-up was Maybelline Illegal Lengths mascara but I can no longer find it so have been seeking something new that works. I just want a product that works and I don't think that's too much for any girl to ask.

  13. I follow (and LOVE!) Sassy Style Redesign.

  14. My favorite make-up item is Clinique's Clarifying Make-up in Just Neutral. I've heard that it has been discontinued. I guess I'd better find them and stock up!

  15. I need this product sooo bad! Mascara is my number 1 need for my face so I don't look like a man (specifically, my brother). But the problem is I have overactive tear ducts, so if I don't use a waterproof mascara, within a couple of hours the mascara is gone! The (many) waterproof mascaras I've tried clump my lashes together so they are dark, but there are only a few. And it makes them STRAIGHT. So sad. I really need to find a GOOD mascara that won't wash off in an hour.

  16. I don't feel dressed without lipstick and eyeshadow. I can't specify a colour for you as I have several, and use them all. The brand is always Yves Rocher though. I love their stuff.

  17. I without my Burt's Bees Chapstick in Hibiscus. It feels good going on, stays on for a long time, and looks nice and natural. (I'm not a big "bright lip" kinda gal.) But I'm allllways on the search for THE perfect mascara because I adore the smokey-eye look. So I'd love to win this and try it out! Oh ~ and I'm a happy subscriber to your great blog, too! Thanks for the great tips! :)

    xoxo laurie

  18. OOOPs! Forgot to leave a separate comment! I'm a happy subscriber of yours! Thanks for the great tips! :)

    xoxo laurie

  19. I'm a subscriber! And if I don't win I'll have to try this mascara and see if I agree. I have short eyelashes too!

  20. The makeup product I can't live without I'd MAC paint in Bare Canvas. Love it. And I agree, a trip to the MAC counter will make any day better!

  21. Woops, I just realized I was supposed to leave a separate comment that I follow your blog. Gotta up my chances if I can! :)

  22. I'm a follower! :) I have been on the hunt for some good mascara, would love to try this!

  23. Lancome Definicils mascara was my must have make-up splurge but lately it's been drying up really quick, like they changed the formula or something. It's too expensive to dry up fast so would love to find a good replacement! :)

  24. I subscribed! I would love to win the prize.

  25. I thing my favaoite make up product would have to be victoria secret lip gloss.

  26. Thanks for the tip! I've never heard of this brand before! And thanks for sharing on Fancy This Fridays of course!!!

  27. I'm a follower!

  28. I can't live without Victoria Secret lip gloss! I have at least ten!

  29. I follow you. And have for quite a while :}

  30. I have long Blonde eyelashes. My mascara now is Sephora, but I am always looking for something better. My can't live without is Loreal Primer. Cheap, last forever and is magic stuff in my opinion.

  31. I am currently in the market for a new perfect pair of jean because the other day my favorite pair totally ripped out in the booty seam! (Time to get the size of my bootay in check, perhaps?!)
    As for makeup--I cannot go a day without mascara. And if I do I feel ick. I have the worst natural eyelashes on the planet!
    I MUST try this stuff! Thanks for the tip. :)
    OH, and I am a new follower!

    sunshineblossomsetsy (at) gmail (dot) com

  32. Hey... lady i have been reading your sassy style reads for a while. Fun!

  33. i think mascara would be my can't go without product. I have nice lashes. And mascare makes them pop. It does draw attention to that part of my face. And not too much to the rest... :) Like it that way

  34. Pick me, pick me - hook me up! You know I am very basic, but I can't live without my under-eye concealer!

  35. K I need to try this out. I just got a mascara sample of a different benifit one and don't love it. So.... needing to get a new one. My fav product just might be mac wipes. To get off all those other products I cake on ;) They are my fav wipes because your face feels moist after..mmmm

  36. I follow you and love reading your sassy posts. You even came to my ward activity once :) so now I stalk you too! he he. You're super awesome, and I'm not crazy I promise!

  37. I love all eye make-up. I think that's a part of me that needs to pop to keep people from staring and my giantous lips. I like Mary Kay lash love mascara, but I would love to see what this mascara would do too. :)

  38. I love Vanilla Mint Chapstick. I carry it with me because I use it a gagillion times a day.

  39. My make up must-have is Blistex Ice chapstick in their minty variety. I slather this bad stuff on several times a day to keep my lips from drying out in this climate.

  40. I agree! This is my favorite mascara right now :)

  41. I have been a fan of Benefit for years! Your lashes look uh-mazing!


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