Monday, September 12, 2011

Annie Chalk Paint..the basics

Ok-So I figured that I would start with the basics.
Becauase everyone needs to know the basics..right?
And to tell you the truth, I am still learning the in's & out's of this piant as well.

This cute little table has been sitting in my garage.
Dusty, dirty, but not forgotten.
I was waiting for the perfect opportunity to make her pretty again.
Really, I just have so much crap in my garage, I had to paint a bunch of other stuff to even get to it.
You wont judge me, we're all friends here..right?

Ok-This is what I used, what I did and how she turned out.
First, I had to paint this table with some blue.
Purely for selfish purposes.
I knew that if I painted her blue, I couldn't keep it.
No match=one less piece of furniture that I need to find a home for.

I painted one coat of Old White. I let it dry for 24 hours.
(just because I was too lazy to get out and get it done sooner)
You don't have to wait for the paint to dry for 24 hours before you add a 2nd color or sand or wax.
Like I said, I was being lazy.

When you paint, you don't have to be perfect. In fact, you don't want it to be perfect.
One of the main things that makes Annie Sloan's paints awesome is that you use them to create texture.
(we all know that I am kind of a freak about texture)
The more brush strokes that you have, the more the piece will appear aged.
Think old furniture=lots of layers of paint.
So, paint in different directions and just have fun with it.
(this is a different opinion from what I have said in the past. I changed my mind, I like and love the crazy paint look.)

I wanted some of the original finish to come through.
This is total personal preferance.

Now is the time when I really got to play while working.
I pulled out the Duck egg blue, dipped my brush in & then wiped most of the paint off on a paper towell.
Then I dry-brushed the blue over the white.
You can see how some spots are darker.
It kind of bugged me, so i sanded just a little bit.

Now can you see the weird drippy spot in the middle?
It was kind of driving me crazy, but I knew I could fix it later if I still wasn't loving it after the wax was on.

I then pulled out the wax.
I used both of the waxes. Clear first, dark second.
You totally don't have to do this. 
You can use one or the other, or you can make your own custom wax color. (more on that later)
If you use just the dark wax, the duck egg blue turns a great green color.

I just learned that this would do this.
See, we are totally learning together.
I am so going to try this out...soon! Maybe tomorrow..hmmm
Guess it depends on how much I want a clean house or feed my family.
I'm thinking that the paint just might win out.

I showed a mini tutorial on how I wax on Studio 5.

Waxing your furniture will protect it and help it hold up against everything 
 your kids &/or husband can throw at it.
Cars, tea-cups, shoes etc..
Remember that funky, weird spot on the side?
I waxed and it still bugged me.
So, I sanded it more and then I was happy with it.
I think that it was the combination of the wax and sanding.
Again, my total personal opinion.

The Clock table took me about 25 mins. once the first coat was dry. That includes drying time.
Remember that you don't have to prime with this paint!
So, it saves you a ton of time!!
I can't wait to show you what this paint does with the help of a blow dryer!

I understand that you probably don't need to see a picture of a blow dryer, but I am in the mood for lots of pictures.
Come to think of it, I'm in the mood for a foot massage and some chocolate too.
Wonder if that is going to happen..



  1. Don't you just LOVE chalk paint! I just finished a table for a friend and it turned out so cute. I'm going to take pictures and blog about it before I take it to her house. I love your blue/green colors. I have Old White and a light purple/lavendar color (not sure what the technical name is.
    Glad you diggig thru your garage...I need to do that when the weather gets below 90 around here. :)

  2. Well I'm a big fan of ASCP too . . . your table is fantastic -- you did such a great job combining the two colors!

  3. Well, Furniture with the watch is awesome. Now a days this type of furniture is very much popular in market. Also stone pieces is very beautiful. The shape of every furniture is very simple but stylish.

  4. LOVE the colors you chose! Turned out so nice!!! Thanks for sharing on Fancy This Fridays!!!

  5. I just finished my very first ASCP project, and I think I love her paint too! I like the finish on your clock table, with the dark wax. I may have to attempt that next time!


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