Wednesday, August 24, 2011

My SASSY Gallery Wall

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I was cruising pinterest the other day.
ahaha YES.
(what’s not to love when you can find fabulousness like this?)

While I love this place, it is such a gigantic waste of time..maybe that’s why I love it. I like to consider it a stress reliever. Add a Diet Coke & an empty house and I am feeling almost blissful..

While I was “relaxing” the other day, I came across about a zillion gallery walls. I looked up at the wall that I hate, because I just can’t seem to get it “quite right” & a light bulb went off.

I considered tackling the job all willy nilly like, but Shelley and her “how to post” convinced me to attempt to do the wall “right.”

So, here is my before:

Well not really, I did have some stuff up on the wall. I just took it down and then realized that I had not taken a before pic. While I love all of you, I was not about to put everything back up again.

And my after:

So, want to know how I did it? Of course you on my friends, read on.

I worked it out on the ground first…
& then I changed my mind. 
Does this surprise you?

Then as per Shelley’s instructions, I cut up wrapping paper to match the sizes of the frames. Shelley didn’t specifically recommend using wrapping paper, but that is all I had, so, I “made it work.”

Once I cut my paper to almost the exact sizes, I taped them to the wall.

You may have noticed that I only have 2 family pics on the whole wall. This is because I don’t have any current family pics. So, I shopped my house, robbed peter to pay paul and used what I had.

Once the paper was on the wall, I hammered the nails into the paper, put the pic on the wall and then ripped the paper off. The papers were a pretty good guide.
 I still put multiple holes in the wall, but I made sure to cover them up.

Here is my Sassy after:

( I had to decorate the mirror with a little back to school banner-tis the season)
I really, really love how it turned out.

I don’t know if this is technically a gallery wall, but I did say it was my Sassy version.

Please note that neither of my clocks work. Sad thing, I am totally ok with this. I wish that I could say that they were the only 2 clocks in my house that didn’t work. They don’t have to work to be cute..right?

I sprayed the yellow frame twice..remember..indecisive!

This is what the mirror looked like before some spray paint lovin..

I picked this beauty up at a yard sale for $1. When I bought it, the girl made sure to point out the amazing faux wood treatment..
Is it bad that I didn't feel even the least bit sad when I sprayed over the “amazing faux treatment?”

I am addicted to letters. No, really I am. Whenever I find some at the DI or a yard sale, I snatch them up.
What? You aren’t always prepared to spell a random word at the drop of a hat?
I feel that this is a very important life lesson to know.

So I dug through my stash and found some letters to spell HOME.

But, I was missing a letter “o”

So, I made my own up. Actually, I remembered an awesome post that Megan from Brassy Apple did using burner covers from the dollar store. I just happened to have a pack hanging out in my craft closet. Perfect!

Worked fabulously!

I hit the letters with a coat of Summer Squash spray loving, by Rustoleum and voila..

This wall was far easier than I anticipated. I totally recommend doing this in your home. I am sure that you too, will get lots of “has the wall always been like that?” comments from people (aka: your husband) too.

Just smile and say, Yep!



  1. I love love love this idea. I have many walls in my house that you just inspired me to revamp! Thank you!!!

  2. I totally LOVE that quote. I had to pin it also!!

  3. Your clocks are right two times a day- so they do work- kind of!

  4. Love love the wall! You are amazing! Who would of ever thought of a burner cover?

  5. Looks like a gallery wall to me...a great one! I love that you used what you already had.

  6. Love the wall gallery, broken clocks included. That sounds just like something my husband would say too. ;)

  7. I so have to do this! Great job!! Found you via House of Hepworths. Pop on over for a visit when you get a moment. Tootles, Kathryn

  8. I agree! You did a great job!! I have just caught the decorating bug, and have many walls in my house that need some "help". Since I am getting ready to work on a few walls in the next few weeks, I love the idea of using paper to help layout the wall!! ;)

  9. You truly are beYOUtiful!

    Love it!

    Oh! I have one word for you: STICKER!

  10. Jennifer-
    Thank you so much!The paper will make the whole job sooo much easier! Good Luck!

  11. Tausha,

    I am featuring your room tomorrow during STICKER time... Thank you for sharing love!


  12. I LoVE every stinkin' bit of it! You are amazing :)


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