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Easy tips for how to spray paint anything

I love to tell people what to do. Just ask my family. I know that they love to be told what to do too. They are totally LYING if they say otherwise.
So, I am here to tell give you some advice on how to spray paint anything.

I have an addiction to spray painting. It's bad!
I do admit, I will spray paint almost anything that doesn't move! Including spray painting my grass, outdoor rugs, and a polka dot chair?
Yep-told you I have issues. 

I thought I would share why and what I love.
So grab a Diet Coke or beverage of your choice and prepare to be amazed by the power of the paint in a can! (You should totally make the ooh and ahh sounds that people make when they are watching fireworks. The whole post will be so much more entertaining!)

The Sassy way to Spray Paint!

What do/can you spray paint?

-Well anything that doesn't move is a good start.
Although my white dog has been seen with a coat of Colonial Red, a couple of times. It’s so not my fault that the dumb dog will not get out of the 

way of the downwind spray!

Fixtures. Do you have brass fixtures at your house? How about doorknobs, light switches, lights, heat vents. Anything that is metal can 

be sprayed with very little skill.

This idea also goes for outside your home as well.

YES! You can totally spray paint your front door. Just take it off the hinges first. The reason why you do this-is because if you take it off it's hinges and lay it flat-you have gravity on your side. It wont run!!! Yea!

Just make sure that you do a couple of coats of spray paint and a good coat of outdoor polyurethane.
When I painted my door-I used spray paint on the first coat and then I rolled on a second coat with Red in Behr paint and primer. ( I just had the spray paint color matched for my color to roll on)

Before:                                                                            After:
Think outside:

Now, which one looks better? A quick coat of spray paint and voila!!!

Anything plastic can be spray painted. Those ugly plastic lawn chairs from wal-mart-need some color? Grab a can of plastic primer. YOU MUST DO THIS FIRST! If you don’t do this, the paint will scratch right off.

plastic primer

They do have plastic spray paint-but they only have lame colors at my Home Depot-so I did the primer and then Rustoleum Apple Green.

I can't believe how fabulous it turned out!! I am going to do this to all of my chairs now. Do you have a patio set that has seen better days? They have great hammered/metal/metallic spray paint. It looks awesome on metal patio sets.


How are your kitchen chairs looking? How about your barstools? Cupboard doors?
Go and find that perfect color and go to town. When you are finished with the paint make sure to hit it with a coat of spray polyurethane. This will protect it from getting nicks and scratches.


How many of us have a wicker chair or two or passed one up at the thrift store because it was looking a little ragged? A quick coat of spray paint will do just the trick to liven it up! Think of it as happy painting. You will want to prime wicker first. This will cut down on the amount of paint that you use.

Before                                                                                After

So much cuter!! I love this color!!
There are tricks to spray painting. I have learned most from trial and error. So, I can save you a lot of frustration and maybe one or two swear words.

Tip 1:
It's all about the product. You know how you can buy some, no name brand foods at the store? Then, there are some foods that you just don't mess with.
(Philadelphia cream cheese ALL the way! Nobody likes chunky cream cheese frosting!) Well, my opinion about spray paint is along the same lines. I ONLY use RUSTOLEUM 2X COVERAGE Spray paint. 

rustoelum heirloom white

Tip 2:
I am partial to Satin Finish Spay paint.Gloss highlights all of your impurities and flat just falls um...flat. So make sure that you get the right finish for your project. 

Tip 3:
Prime! People, I can't emphasize this enough. If you prime, the whole painting experience is much more enjoyable. Rustoleum 2x coverage now comes with primer in it. One less step-Yea! Just make sure that you shake your can extremely well.  At least for 2 or 3 minutes. If you don't, it comes out uneven and kind of chunky.  So make sure that you shake, shake, shake! If  you are using another brand of spray paint, just make sure that you prime first. The  finished piece will look so much smoother if you have a coat of primer.  It is always money well spent!

You will want to make sure that you prime any glass or ceramic pieces especially. 

Primed with Rustoleum Primer

For painting faux wood furniture, you will want to make sure that you use an oil based primer first. 
I also really like Bulls-Eye primer by Zinnser. It’s only $4 -ish at Lowes and you get a huge can. Kilz works great too. 
bulls eye

 Tip #4
Rustoleum makes this fabulous spray paint gun thing. It runs about $6.. Best money I have ever spent!

spray grip

This is not the cheap gun. Spend a little bit more money, trust me on this-your finger will thank you.
BUT-I must preface that this gun only works with fat nozzled spray paint.

Tip #5
Don't stop moving! Move your hand over the surface continually. If you don't, this is how you will get splotches. Multiple thin coats will give you the smooth, even coverage that you are looking for. Sometimes, some splotches are unavoidable. Don’t freak out! You can use a light sandpaper to GENTLY buff the piece before you use your color.

Tip #6
Don't get too close. I know that you are super excited for the project to be finished.BUT-don't rush it.
If you get too close, you WILL get runs. There is nothing worse than a run or two, or three. Nylons or paint related, they both make you swear! Trust me on this one.Talking from personal experience.

Tip #7
 Make sure whatever you are spraying is clean and dry. Wipe it with a damp rag or spray it down with the hose if you need to. It really is not that fun to spray cobwebs. Plus-it looks ugly!

Tip #8
Don’t rush the drying process. I am an extremely impatient person. I hate to wait! But, when it comes to this. Time is your friend. Especially if you are going to be sanding anywhere that you have sprayed. If the paint is at all tacky when you try to sand-lets just say it’s definitely not a fun thing. Just wait.

Tip #9

If you want it to be protected-use a coat of poly. It wont be super shiny or anything. It just gives it a finish and a protect ant coat.  If you are keeping your item outside-spar urethane. I like Helmsman’s brand. This will protect from sun, moisture and temp. It's a little more money per can, about $8ish. But, I use it for everything and it is sooo much easier than painting regular old poly on with a brush.

outdoor poly

Ok-I told you that you can paint just about anything that doesn't move. This includes pillows. You really can! I wouldn't put them in my house or anything, but they are perfect for outside!I got an ugly leather pillow at the thrift for $1.00-I thought what the heck. went from this... (ugly..i know)

To this: (I primed in between steps)

I thought it needed a little something so I added the polka dots.
Everything is cuter with polka dots!!

I tried this on a pillow form also. I love this! I know this look isn't for everyone, but it's a cheap alternative to the expensive outdoor pillows. I polyed both of the pillows to protect them.

If I were to do this pillow again, I would have primed it first. Then painted it green, then added the vinyl polka dots, then sprayed aqua. Did you get all that? 

My favorite spray painted pillow to date is this Gold Polka Dot Spray Painted Pillow
sassy style

So...I am pretty sure that anything that doesn't move can be spray painted. I would spray paint my children if they held still long enough! ☺So...go outside and spray paint something...
it will make you feel good!!

Happy Painting!
PS- If you get addicted, it’s TOTALLY ok! It’s also TOTALLY ok if the people at Home Depot know you by first name. You are in good company!



  1. Great painting tips!!! You are hilarious....I think I've met my match. I thought I was the only one that paint strange and off the wall things; however, you results is awesome!

  2. You are the spray-paint-extraordinaire! I love it, and maybe some day I will get up the courage to spray a pillow :)



  3. Great post!! I am obsessed with my Spray Painting Grip thingy.

    I featured it on my TT&J facebook page and linked to you :) I hope you are having a great summer!


  4. Thank you for your tips & brand recommendations. I haven't used spray paint in a while, but have some dining chairs with wicker backs to complete, so I'll be checking these out!

  5. girl after my own heart. anything + spray paint = fabulous!


  6. Love all your tips!! I literally just finished spray painting my railing on my balcony about 10 minutes ago!! :)

  7. This is SO great! I would love it if you'd link this up to my party since my blog is all about tips and tricks for helping people out.


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  8. These are all great tips. All of your projects turned out so good!

  9. Oh my goodness - I did not know you could spray paint those plastic garden chairs! What a brilliant idea!

    Thanks for linking to a Round Tuit!
    Hope you have a great week!
    Jill @ Creating my way to Success

  10. I'm a big fan of spray painting myself. Having to take a break from it with baby on the way. In fact just realized I can't make my favorite Christmas decoration this year unless I convince my husband to paint for me...

  11. you have inspired me to try my hand at spraypainting there are many things that could be dressed up around here with it come visit me at

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  13. Wonderful tips! I'm always guilty of getting too close!!

    Found your tips from Made by You Mondays!!

  14. GREAT POST ladies... I just shared it on my FB page linked back to you. Thank you for sharing your awesomeness!

  15. When you spray painted your front door was it oil based? I didn't think you could put a latex paint (Behr) over the oil. I'm getting mixed info from google.

  16. I am a bit nervous with spray paint - what a loser! But wow. Your step-by-step instructions have given me confidence!

  17. I bow down to the spray-painting queen!! So if you are painting lovely fake wood furniture, you prime first? Do you do liquid sandpaper? Do you do a coat of poly after? I am DYING to do this, but it is my first time, and I think I am moving too quickly for my first spray painting piece!
    lissa_ash2004 at yahoo dot com

  18. Can you spray an entire leather couch?? If so, will it flake? My couch needs a major make over!

  19. I have been considering spray painting the knobs and a fixture in my house (rental) which I think I will do. But I am on the fence about some plastic bins in my daughter's room. The colors totally clash, but it needs to be durable, without paint scraping off. What do you think?

    Like this:

  20. I found you at craft-o-maniac today and I am SOOOOO glad I did! This is the best spray paint info EVER! Thank you! I am your newest follower :)

  21. I hope You can see the smile on my face, cause you put it THERE! Made my morning! Now I must paint, very encouraging!

  22. I. Love. Spray. Paint. But...I'm an amateur. I'm not sure what surfaces can do without polyurethane and what surfaces absolutely REQUIRE an overlay. Help!

  23. If I use a Plastic Spray Paint, do I still need to primer? It says on the can it is not needed, but I would hate for it to scratch off after going to all the trouble.

  24. I found this page by accident and I am Apollo glad that I did!!! I love it and you!!!! You make it easy and fun to learn!!! Thanks!!!


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