Thursday, July 28, 2011

Paper Cups turn Fab Outdoor Lighting.

So, you want to learn about how to make fabulous lights out of Dixie Cups?

What, this is something that you never realized that you wanted to know how to do until now?
I know, I'm just awesome like that.

I had Studio 5 TV today.
It turned out great, and was a fabulously fun segment.

One of the ideas that I showed on the segment this morning was Dixie Cup Lights.
Who knew that you could make super cute, super easy, outdoor lights from Dixie cups?

I am here to show you how to do this.
It's your lucky, lucky day!

Supplies needed:

A box of Dixie cups
(the little bathroom cups you used when you were kids)

Double Stick Tape:
 I'm sure that you have some of this.
If you don't, I am sure that when you buy it, you will find loads of uses for it.

Scrapbook paper-
8to10 sheets. double sided worked the best for me.
I was able to use less paper because I could flip it over and have a different pattern.

That's me-always thinking....?

Ok-this is where it gets all sort of technical.
Cut one of the cups to use as a pattern for tracing the shape on the scrapbook paper.

Cut the shape out of plain paper and get to tracing.

Once you have all the paper traced, pull out the double stick tape and get to sticking. Now stop and take a break because those last few steps were super hard. I think that you even deserve a Diet Coke and a foot massage.

Now you have Dixie cup lampshades!
Super cute right?

You are almost done-use your trusty exacto knife and cut a "X" in the bottom of the cup.

This is where you will push the lights through.
Attach the lights and then stand back and look how flippin cute they are!
I know...right?!

These are darling outside, but they would be perfect d├ęcor for any shower or party. A dorm room, a craft room, or your tween-age daughter’s room because she has been begging you ever since you finished putting the last piece of tape on the cups.

Just wait until you take them outside and turn them on.

Everyone will ooooh and ahhh!

Take all the credit
& any tips, if they are offered.

I can't wait to make some of these for Halloween!
They will be "BOO-tiful!"
Lame joke, I know.
Happy Creating!

Tomorrow I share some more of the outdoor lighting world secrets.
Well, according to me anyway.

Stay Tuned!
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  1. I am so impressed by all of the ideas you come up with! Those lights are adorable and, you're right, they have a ton of applications. Plus, I love to read your blog because you seem real and don't feel completely inadequate while reading...just inspired.:)

  2. Oh wow!! This is such a great idea!! Totally going to do this next time I have a party outside.

  3. WHAAAAATTTTT?!!!! I totally just fell out of my chair. TOO DANG CUTE, T! Thanks for showing me how to make some for me!


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