Tuesday, May 8, 2012

How to Spray Paint Outdoor Rugs


I had a TV segment, oh a while ago. I got to talk about ideas that you can do with a can of spray paint.
That would include spray painted outdoor rugs.
So not lying.
It is totally possible.
Before you start spraying away & if you are not sure about what kind of spray paint to use & maybe a few  tricks-check out my post Spray Painting 101

Still skeptical? I will show you. (no worries, my husband was a total skeptic as well)



Boring door mat from the Depot: $5
Spray paint: I already had this (does this surprise you?)
Circle stencil made from a pizza box: I happened to already own this as well.
Tape: Already had
**FYI: I ONLY use Frog Tape***
   I am not a fan of the blue tape. I always get crisper lines with frog tape

End Result: Some Fabulous Welcome feelings from everyone that visits!


(just pretend that you can't see all the little "presents" that the wind storm left on the rug)
I love you all, but I was not going to vacuum my outdoor rug. I am wayyy to lazy!

8x9 outdoor rug from Lowes: $15
(it was so cheap! Score!)
Frog Tape: You already know that I had this
Eden Green Rustoleum 2x coverage spray paint: already had and sooo love this color

How to:
Stripes are tricky. They have to be straight, or at least look straight.
In my case, I only wanted them to look straight. I was so not going to measure.
(see, I am soo lazy!)
I just eyeballed the stripes, making sure that they were evenly spaced. Then I taped and then sprayed.
Oh wait-you might have over spray, because it is spray paint.
And, you might be inpatient like me and go to town even though there was a slight breeze and your husband suggested that you wait until there was no wind AT ALL!
I so didn't do that..
You can use your electric hand sander with a very fine grit sand paper to sand off any over spray.

(you can totally see the over spray in this pic. Sorry, it was taken before I sanded)

A carpet piece runner from Lowes.  (Sorry, the depot doesn't carry a solid color)
$6-this was for 6ft. of outdoor carpet.
Nadia Stencil: Cutting Edge Stencils
Colonial Red 2x Rustoleum spray paint: so already had this!

I used a spray adhesive to adhere the stencil to the rug.

Don't attempt spray painting any outdoor rugs in the wind or a breeze or around a really bad sneazer.
You will swear.
Consider yourself thoroughly warned.

I almost forgot. My favorite spray painting outdoor project ever!
It was the hit of the neighborhood.


No, this will not kill your grass. Your grass will grow out & you end up just mowing it up.
I used a pizza box lid that I cut a circle out of for the circles.
I used 4 colors of Rustoleum spray paint
I used the spinner from the original twister game. 
If you don't have a spinner, you can use this idea instead.

Happy Decorating!

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  1. Great idea! I have a rug that's looking a little sad, but I'm too cheap to buy a new one. Now I'll go by some spray paint instead. :) Oh, and I love the runner idea, too. I might have to get one of those and make it fun for my mudroom (that rug takes a beating!)

  2. So fun seeing you today. I was actually "working"! I had my group home ladies w/ me...and we were on a quick little looks see so I didn't have time to chat and play D.I. games!! Darn it!! Just didn't want you to think I was the rudest!!

  3. I love it, what a great idea! I'm thinking about all the uber expensive outdoor rugs out there and thinking how fun it must be to make one and how much satisfaction there must be from knowing you did it on a budget. Thanks for linking to A Crafty Soiree, featuring this next Thursday.

  4. Spray painted rug...WICKED AWESOME!!!

  5. I love all your rugs. I need to spray paint one this year. It's always windy here so I'll probably have to spray in my garage. I love the twister game too. My kids would love it. I might just surprise them with it one day.

  6. Hi Tausha! Your a winner over at The Dress-up Drawer!! Come and claim your prize.

    Thanks, Jaime

  7. What a great group of projects! What would we do without sprays paint? Thanks for sharing!

    Take care,


  8. ps...featuring this on our facebook page today!! :)

  9. Tausha, for the 8X9 rug, what kind of outdoor rug is it? Sorry, silly question, but just wondering where I find it at Lowes. Thank you!!!

  10. I love the polka dot welcome mat! Great idea! :)

  11. Wow, what a great idea!! Thanks so much for sharing this tutorial!

  12. Those look great! I love all your rugs!


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