Friday, June 10, 2011

So....what did you do today?

I have a TV segment on Monday.
It's all about random things that you probably have never thought about spray painting.
I know that the fact that I am doing a segment on this is a total shocker, right?

Because I am so responsible, and NOT a last minute kind of person, I have been out painting today.
I was making pretty good time, until the flippin wind decided to show up and ruin my painting party.
 So, here I sit, looking longingly out the window wishing the wind would just stop!
I am on a deadline!

So, what did you do today?
Are you looking out the window wishing that it would stop blowing as well?
Want to read something super fabulous?
Of course you do!

I am a published writer now.
No, really, I am!
I was asked to be a guest writer for a fabulous on-line magazine called:

It's a fabulously funny magazine that talks about must read blogs, photography tips, recipes and all kinds of super cool stuff.
I totally recommend that you stop by.
You know that you'll love it!

Off to do an anti-wind dance.



  1. Congratulations and I can't waite for you Monday feature to see how your spray painting turned out!

  2. I'm sorry about the wind. I have been wanting to paint our nightstands this week but it has been windy everyday. They have been primed for a week. I hate waiting sometimes. Good luck on your segment I'm sure I will see it since I record Studio 5 :) I wanted to let you know that I featured your Q-tip spring bloom balls on my "This week's pinterest loves #4" post today on my blog. Go and check it out, see all the lovely things I said about it, visit and stay awhile and don't forget to grab my button saying you were featured. thanks

    A mommy's life...with a touch of YELLOW

  3. Tausha, you are just too, too nice. Good luck with your appearance Monday -- hope the wind lets up for you! have a great weekend.

  4. Hope you got everything done. OF COURSE YOU DID...cause you're awesome like that! Heehee. I HATE the four letter word, W.I.N.D. I swear every Sunday when I am leaving church with my 50 millions bags and children the darn wind kicks up. Whose the dumby that wear a flyaway skirt almost EVERY Sunday...MEEEEEE! I totally flashed the people in the parking lot yesterday. POOR PEOPLE! Can't wait to see what you did!



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