Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Wool turns Wonderful

It has been raining here a lot..
At the first of the week, the rain was worth singing about.
Now, not so much.

I spray painted (barely had enough paint and the time (2 mins) to get it done before the rain started again.)
I sanded, and stained.
Yes, I know that it will take a couple days to completely dry, but I had to do it!
I had to!
It was killing me!

I painted this table-

(yes Laci, it's almost done!! Promise!)

and some canisters and another table.
oh, and my hands.

AND-I even got my easter crap down.
Don't judge-I have had a rough time trying to not be lazy!

I did make this for a friend.

I used her Dad's old wool coat.

I cut the collar off and pulled the labels out.

I added some vintage paper to finish the shadow box. 
She loved it!

I used the rest of the coat to make a pillow.
The rosettes were made out of pieces of the coat.
I cut out the pockets and used the cream felt and funky, hounds tooth fabric for fun embellishments.

Such a unique idea for an old, forgotten coat, that might be sitting in a closet.

And-to finish up this totally random post with a little more nostalgia-

I spent my evening watching this chickadee & her cute friends rock the stage in their 
Alice in Wonderland production.

Yes, I am a little proud of her!



  1. Tausha, I am wondering if there isn't anything you can't do... The table and coat crafts are awesome!

  2. I LOVE the pillow. GENIUS! The shadow box is a SWEET idea too! Cute girlies. I look forward to all the fun girlie stuff I get to do with my girlie!


  3. I love the table! It looks so cute in my living room. Thanks a ton!


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