Monday, May 9, 2011

Whatever Lola wants...Lola gets

Ok-so I know that my name is not Lola, but I really like the title.

I had no idea that those were even the words to this song until I saw the commercial with David Beckham (yummy) and the chicka from Modern Family.

I in no way relate to the chicka on Modern Family other than owning a somewhat, similar sun hat!
But, the need for a Diet Drink, and not wanting to wait for it,-totally relate to that one!

Totally random intro...yea, I know.
I'm kind of in a random mood.
It's raining..again. And while I love the rain, I don't love it when it imposes on my to-do list.

I had big plans today..big!
I have a garage that looks like this now:

Crazy right?
I found some amazing deals this past weekend.
I gave up on parking my car in the garage a couple of weeks ago.
This past weekend destroyed all hopes of summer time garage parking.
Parking your car in the garage, totally overrated-right?

I picked up a kitchen table and 4 chairs, 3 coffee tables, a darling end table, a desk, actually 2 desks-one has a hutch like top, a 7 foot outdoor bench...and I think thats about it.

I got a ton of stuff! So much so, that I promised my husband that I would paint, all week!
So you can see why I'm a little annoyed with the rain and it ruining my to do list.

So, if any of you are looking for any of the things that I listed above, let me know. I can so help you out!     My garage and husband would thank you! :)

BUT-because of the rain, I get to post all about a fabulous night that I had last week.

I got invited to the 365 swap. It was as fun as it sounds! 
The swap was put on by these fabulously talented girls. 
It was such a blast! (thanks again Melissa)
Me and my cutest new friend, Amberlee-do you not love that chalkboard wall?

(photo courtesy of the Cultivate blog)

Here is how it worked:
You bring 7 items that have been gently loved by you to swap.
When you get there, you write your name on 7 clothes pins and then go shopping!
I got to pin my name to 7 items that I really, really, really wanted!

photo courtesy of the winner of the bag of knobs-Heather
So sad that it wasn't me-i'm sure Heather will do something fabulous with them!

If there was an item that multiple people wanted-they did the only fair thing-drew a name out of a hat. 
I did NOT win one of the things that I really, really wanted!

Don't worry Amberlee, I'm sure I can find out where you live so I can come and steal the rug that I didn't win 

I came home with plenty of treasures, new friends and fabulous memories!
Look at that old piano-aka treat bar. No detail was forgotten.
These girls were buzzy! Thank you for all your effort! Especially the Queen Bee herself.
(hope it's OK I refer to your new title :P)
I can't wait until next year!

Here are some more pics that cute Heather took from Happy Chippy Junk!

So going to do this! The old doors are screwed into her fence. How cute is that? Right?!

Look at all of the fantastic seating options! Fabulous!!

If your local-you can see what the swap was all about on Thursday on Studio 5!

Off to make dinner and daydream about painting and sing Rain, rain go away!



  1. That event looked SO fun!! If you host one, please invite me!! (I promise I will find cute stuff to bring!)

  2. It looks like you had a blast! I took the rain opportunity to snuggle in and read a good book...why not? I can do projects when it warms up to above 40 degrees and the snow/rain stops!

  3. that looks lihe to much fun! where was it?

  4. SO fun!!! I didn't WIN the knobs I brought the knobs to SWAP!! So now you can un-hate me!!

  5. I hear ya on the rain (I live in SLC) and parking in the garage! LOL! And... you look totally cute in your picture!... and super slim! Can't wait to to see Studio 5 on Thursday. Thanks!

  6. Thanks for the Swap shout-out! So glad you came & that I finally got to met you in person. Oh, & I love the title you gave me- thanks :)

  7. Oh my jeepers, that looks like so much fun! I think I'm going to have to try something like that here. I wonder how it would go over. Never know if I don't try.

  8. WOWZERS! SO NOT FAIR! I really need to move! I LOVE the doors on the fence and the fun chairs and piano and the SUPER CUTE picture of you:)HOT MAMA! You look great! Are we lovin' Shaun T yet? heehee! As for the rain, it totally should have called you to coordinate schedules a little better. T has paintin' to do PEOPLE! Hope you are having a happy day!

  9. I will not share where I live because the rug looks totally amazing in my living room! BUT, there is a "BUT" we want to book you for Enrichment in the Fall! I will bribe you with a bag of knobs that I also WON at the swap! Yay, so glad to be called your friend, that made my whole year!
    My blog is
    I'm in Ogden a lot if you ever want to Lunch, my new friend!


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