Thursday, May 19, 2011

A taste of the wild, wild, west!

Ooohwee, I have a treat for you today! 
I know that I am awesome, now you will know too!
(totally know I'm kidding, right?)
The reason why I am so awesome..because I am sharing these 
fabulous, extremely talented girls with you today!

I know, right?
Check out this amazing-do-it-yourself, sure to make all of your friends jealous craft!
You will thank me..promise!

I started with a regular 4x6 photo that I printed at walgreens of each of my boys doing one of their favorite activities.  I then cut out each child and placed on my overhead projector.  I know its old school, but it works for me.   I used to go into my children's school and use the schools overhead until I found my own at a garage sale for $5! yeah.  Maybe your hubby's office has one you can borrow?  Use your resources and find one to use, or you can always buy one at office max.  I use mine all the time for projects.

I bought a canvas drop cloth $9 (cheap) at walmart, ironed it nice and smooth and hung on the wall so that I could trace my boys.  I placed each child on the overhead one at a time and positioned it so that each child was the size and placement that I wanted.  Sorry I had a picture, but not sure what happened so use your imagination.

With my overhead shining at my canvas on the wall I traced each child with a pencil.

I then painted each child with some black latex paint.  Let that dry while you cut your boards for your frame.

I made my own frame for this so this is a super affordable, and makes a sizeable piece for an empty wall. I cut the two long boards at 86 in.  I cut 4 boards at 23in.  Get out your power tools ladies!!!  I bought 3 ceder boards at Lowe's because they are lighter and easy to staple.  The boards were 1x2x8.  So it only cost me $11.  I then centered the canvas and began stapling it on tight.  $20 and a little work in an afternoon and you have a personal, conversation piece that your children will all fight over when they are older.

Thanks so much Emily!
I can't wait to do this myself!
How about you?

Happy Weekend!



  1. You ARE awesome! Thanks for sharing Emily with us! That has got to be the most FANTABULOUS thing I have ever seen. Such a fun idea. Pretty easy too. Me likie:)



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