Tuesday, May 24, 2011

If you wanted to watch my latest TV segment,
you can watch it HERE!
I know that you are super excited...!

Also-don't forget about the fabulous giveaway for these gorgeous 3 prints!

And the FREE download for this print!

Tomorrow-a tutorial on how to make some of these!

Your gonna love it..promise!



  1. You did an awesome job! I so miss Studio 5. Luckily, I'm able to catch a lot of their segments off their website.

  2. HOW FUN! The lanterns are SERIOUSLY, DANG CUTE! Can't wait for the Tut! You were great as always!

  3. Great job!!! The Camera loves ya!!

    Okay so where do I download that cute love print? When I click on the picture it has her watermark on it..... Maybe I'm just having a blonde day but.....


  4. Love these prints! Would love to do download the temple print..but can't figure out how?

  5. I so love these prints! I really, really want them!



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