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Book Page Lanterns Tutorial

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Yea! 23 years of marriage..Congrats girlfriend!
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I promised a couple of days ago that I would share this tutorial.
I had a little bit of delay.
Better late than never..right?

So, I made my own version of these:

I first saw some tissue paper lanterns on Martha Stewart using this technique, but with tissue paper circles.
Loved the whole concept, so I thought I would try making my own.

When I first saw the picture and read the very confusing instructions in Martha, I thought that this was going to be one of those super cute, but super time intensive, super hard projects.
(like most Martha projects)

Well, I am happy to report it is Super Cute, but not super time intensive, or super hard.

Want to know how?
Of course you do..

What you need:

Old dictionary that you can rip the pages out of
double stick tape or glue gun (guess which one I used..)
Mason jar or drinking cup for tracing circles

Paper lanterns from the Dollar Store

First, a note about the lanterns. The dollar store has a whole luau type thing going on. So, they have 2 kinds of lanterns available. A regular round, paper lantern, and also a long, Hawaiian paper lantern as well.  I picked up one of both. Don't worry about the color of the lanterns, you wont see it, so don't stress if they are bright pink with ugly hibiscus flowers on them.

I wanted my 3rd lantern to be a bit bigger,and I'm cheap, so I purchased one of those plastic balls that are often found in your childs easter basket. You know that kind that I am talking about.
If you do use one of these for your lanterns-DON'T use hot glue. Well, you can, but it wont stick-not for very long anyway. (take me word for it on this one)

Plastic ball+Double Stick Tape= super cute scalloped lantern

Now that I have 3 different size lanterns, I just needed my circles.

You don't need to make 3 different sizes of circles. You can use the same size for each one. A mason jar or a roll of masking tape are the perfect size to trace.
I cut the circles out with scissors. I folded a bunch of the pages together so I could cut 20 at a time. It took about 10 minutes to cut out all the circles for all 3 lanterns. I tried to use my cricut-fail! Even with the lowest pressure-it still ripped the pages. I didn't have a punch big enough, so I had to use the old standby of scissors!
Each lantern needs between 50 and 60 circles.

You are ready to glue! You can use double stick or a glue gun to attch the circles to the lanterns. I used both, but I like my glue gun the best. (only use hot glue on the paper lanterns)  It was faster and easier. I do have a low temp glue gun, so if you don't have a low heat glue gun, you will probably want to use double stick tape.

Tip: Glue gun burns hurt like a mother..low temp is your friend

You are going to layer the circles on the ball-starting at the bottom.
You will want to cover the entire bottom of the lantern. Follow the pattern of lantern and glue the circles to the  lantern in a circle. Does that make sense?
Just glue the circles to the lantern. Overlap so they cover the bottom.
Does that make more sense?
Hope so..

You will want the bottom of the lantern to look like this:                  

Once you have the bottom covered, start with the layering.
You want to overlap each of the circles as you glue them down. You want to make sure that you don't glue them too close to each other. If you do this, the circles wont lie flat.

Once you have layered all the way up to the top-you need to finish up the top.
The lanterns have this strange  plastic thing at the top that makes it a little difficult to glue the circles too.

Well, take this baby off.

Once you take it off-you will need to glue the cardboard ring directly to the lantern. If you don't, the lantern will not stay round.

Now that the plastic,circle thing is off, you can finish the gluing.
Keep on taping/gluing until the entire lantern is layered with the book pages. 
This step should take you about 5-7 minutes, depending on the size of your lantern.

Now your lantern is done!
See, I told you that it was simple.

You could make a few variations of these.
You can ink the edges of the circles to give the lanterns some color.

You can use tissue paper circles like Martha did,
 or you can cut the circles with pinking shears to give it a totally different look.

Are you thinking what am I am going to do with these?
The options are endless. You should be asking, where can't I put them..

They would be darling for decor for an oudoor party.
Hang them from trees, or the fence or from the bottom of an outdoor umbrella.

Picture Perfect for any Party!

Make these! They are super fun, and extremely addicting.



  1. They are EASY to make. They looks SO fancy! Almost makes me want to have a tea party next to my garden with the cute green headboard in it! Heeehee! Thanks for sharing your fabulousness!

  2. These are so adorable! I love this idea! :)

  3. Yes indeed -- look super cute AND super easy -- thanks for all the hints and tips!


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