Friday, April 29, 2011

The wonders of Wallpaper

Now,I know what your thinking.
"Tausha, wallpaper is so 1987"
Now, I'm not talking the Forrest green floral wallpaper that once lived 
on every single wall in a house we once owned.

Holy crap-it was more terrible than it sounds!
Really, really, really bad!
We are not even going to discuss the pain & swearing that the removal caused me and my fabulous husband.

I refer to him as fabulous because he does whatever I want, whenever I want.
Including making me a old, barn door replica with a broken window and wallpaper.
Let me share.

I had a fabulous old window that looked similar to this.
I forgot to take a picture before the redo.

Then my fabulous 11 year old stepped on the glass.
It was awesome!
She completely shattered the glass. I tried really hard not to yell. I want you all to know that I succeeded.
I just growled!
Turns out it was a happy mistake.
LOVE it when this happens!

I saw an old, barn door at a RS function.
Light bulb moment! I love it when that happens..
I knew what to do with the broken window.
Old window turns old door with the help of beadboard wallpaper!

My fabulous husband cut some wood to size for me.
Then he wallpapered the wood for me.
See, I told you that he was fabulous!
I wanted it to look older-so I took out my dark walnut stain.
I kind of have a love affair with this stuff.
I wiped it on and then wiped it of. Repeat.

This is what is looked like when I was halfway done. Much better with the stain..right?

The finishing touch on my old barn door-the handle! 

 What is not too love? Look at the fab colors from the oxidation? Great, right?
I got it from a scary house that they were going to tear down, here in town.
it really was scary. I thought that it was going to cave in on me. 
But-I did find some fantastic stuff, including this handle.

Here is the "Faux" barn door all finished. I love it! 
But...alas, i have nowhere to put it.
So, I am selling it. If your local and (northern Utah)  you would like to give her a good home-let me know.

I had a tv segment on the wonders of wonderful wallpaper on Tuesday.
If you would like to watch it...
click HERE

If you did watch it, did you notice the headboard that I covered with wallpaper that looks like ceiling tiles?
I would love to show this to you, but my camera is blech...dead.
So, I can't take any more pics until I buy a new one. Planning on buying a new one tonight. 
I will post pics of the headboard tomorrow

I'm off to Costco for a camera and Zumba for the Wii. Anybody tried that?
Oh and I have to stop and visit Bath & Body Works because I am annoyed that my children use my body wash and lotion, therefore they smell like me.
Is that weird that it bugs me?
I'm weird,and I am totally OK with it. (that i'm weird, not that my kids smell like me)
Have a fantastic night!

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  1. Tausha, you are too funny! Have you tried "Carried Away" scent at Bath and Body yet? Yummy! You did a super job on your new "old" door - I love it. And I totally {heart} oxidization colors, too!

  2. Love your new door! What a great way to re-purpose a broken window!

  3. Tausha, you funny girl. I come to your site often. Thanks for visiting me at mine. Happy weekend!

  4. I am in Northern Utah and I love that door. How much are you asking for it?

  5. I SO need to go out an by a stupid roll of that stuff! WHY DO I KEEP WAITING?! The door is TOTALLY drool worthy! love.lOVE.LOVE IT! A new camera AND ZUMBA?! Are you kidding me? SO FUN! I totally want to try out ZUMBA! Please do tell me ALL about it! Love ya!



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