Wednesday, April 13, 2011

On the catwalk..


If it has not been already established, let it be know that I am cute clothes lover~

If it’s fabulous, I want it!

Shoes, shirts, the perfect jeans and a fabulous dress!

Any of the above, I am so there!!

So, when Shabby Apple contacted me about doing a review on one of their dresses, I jumped at the chance!

Who doesn’t love a great dress? You know the one that fits you fabulous, makes you feel like a million bucks?

I so have the dress for you. Well, if you are built like me anyway.

Although, Shabby Apple has more than a few fabulous dresses for any shape.

(even if you don’t have to hide a tummy and some other issues…)


I loved the Amethyst! Wrap dress, fabulously deep, plum color-check

Instant 10lb. weight loss when you put it on-check

Plum Colored Faux Wrap Dress with Puff Sleeves

First, I have to tell you that this dress is made like no other dress that I have ever owned.  The fabric and the quality of this dress is really 2nd to none. 

I have to admit that I was a little nervous when I realized that it was made with cotton. Why?

I HATE to iron! HATE it! So, I was a little scared at that.

Happy to report-NO ironing required! None! The fabric is heavy enough to not have to iron, but thin enough that it’s comfortable!

Ok-the best part about the dress-when I put this baby on, I look like I lost 10 pounds!

I don’t know about you, but any piece of clothing that makes me look like I lost weight when I really didn’t, is a keeper!

I have worn this dress a couple of times and every time I wear it, I get compliments. Who doesn’t love a great compliment?!

So my overall review is…buy this dress or any other dress from Shabby Apple!  You will be getting a dress that you will want to wear again and again.

Green Pleated dress

If you need another reason to head over to Shabby Apple-even Oprah thinks they rock!

Blue striped faux dress with two pockets on chest and a large shirt collar.

Redbook and Glamour agrees with me on their awesomeness!

Bridesmaid dress with large draped collar.

White eyelet dress with a shirt collar, puff sleeves, and yellow belt.

Best part about this whole little opinionated post-you get a 10% discount just by typing in


AND…head over to Facebook for exclusive savings and deals from Shabby Apple!

People, run, don’t walk over to Shabby Apple.

You will be so happy that you did!

I am also digging their new swimsuits.

Come on Shaun T-you and your stupid insanity had better get me lookin hot enough to wear one of their swim suits! 


Aqua Flower Top

Navy One Piece Swim Suit with White sash

If you already are hot enough-I’m so jealous!


Off to clean my house for the Scentsy Party tonight.

Nothing like a party to motivate one to clean and re-decorate!

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  1. So where's the pic of you in the dress! I want to see! :)


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