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 Studio 5  was Thursday. Check it out if you missed the segment!

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You all know that I have an addiction to thrifting. Really, it’s kind of bad!

So, I got to thinking that if I could sell some of my treasures than maybe my sweet, ever supportive husband wouldn’t yell at me anymore because I found this cutest table, and I had to have it and no, I don’t have a use for it RIGHT now…but I will.

That is why Sassy Furniture came to pass. I can now get my thrifting fix and meet the crazy desire that I have to redo stuff.  Fabulous..right?

So, I thought that I would share some of my latest treasures. Click on the picture descriptions for details on each of the pieces. When you click on the descriptions, you will be taken to my Sassy Style Furniture blog. 

All of the info on the prices and more pictures will be available there.

Sorry-at this time, shoppers need to be local. Unless of course you want to drive to North Ogden Utah. :) Then, by all means, shop away!

Make sure that you check back often. I will be adding new pieces  a lot! 
Also, there will also be accessories for you home, lamps and whatever else strikes my fancy!


A chunky, red table that you know you must have!


I am in love with this wagon and the bowling pins! In love!
In it’s previous life, the wagon was a forgotten, lonely, plain wood color.
Pathetic really. I picked it up at the thrift store because I knew it had potential.
The bowling pins and ball were in a plastic bag just sitting on the shelf in the toy aisle, begging me to buy them.  They are plastic, but I knew that they could be fabulous!
I painted the wagon with my new favorite color of spray paint-Eden by Rustoleum
I LOVE, LOVE,LOVE this color.
I have been walking around my house looking for things to paint with this color. It is that perfect.
It is a cross between avocado green and a mossy color.
LOVE it!
After the wagon was painted, I sanded it and then stained it with a mahogany stain.
The bowling pins were primed on the most inappropriate spray painting day ever.
I was too excited, I couldn’t wait!
I primed them with regular primer from Rustoleum. My go to.
I was a little nervous because I wasn’t sure how well it would stick because it wasn’t plastic primer.
No worries-good to go.
Once the pins were primed and thoroughly dry, I hit them with a coat of Ivory Silk from Rustoleum.
this is a great, warm, creamy, cream color.  Not quite as white as Heirloom white. Which is exactly what I wanted.
When the paint was dry, I put stain on them.
Yep, just wiped it all over with a sponge brush and then wiped it off with a soft rag.
(make sure that you use a soft rag, if not, it will take the paint off
I did 2 coats of the mahogany stain, because I wanted them to look aged and loved.
I let them and dry and Ta-da!
My own antique bowling pins!
I love the pins in the wagon.
How darling would these be on a coffee table in a family room, or a game room.
Ooh, you could hang the wagon on the wall like a shelf.
They would be super cute, or maybe I should say cool,  in a boys sports themed room!
You know how much I love giving stuff away, right?
Well, thought that I would do it again, you know cause I am so awesome!!!
Impel clothing is the most fabulous go to company for in-style, on trend, modest clothes!
Whether you are looking for some new sassy, shirt, tank tops,caps sleeves or even some new bling-
Impel Clothing should be your first stop!

Look how flippin cute their Spring Line is!
( Don’t forget….Mom’s need to look super cute on Easter too!)

This tank-ruffles and it hides my tummy? ….ADD to shopping bag!

Oooh-how cute would this shirt be? …..ADD to shopping bag!

How cute would this necklace be with some FAB shoes?  ….ADD to shopping bag!

See what I mean? Flippin cute!!
If I haven’t given you enough reasons to love Impel-they have FABULOUS tanks and cap sleeves! Who doesn't need to replenish these, right about now? Plus, their tanks, cap sleeves and long sleeve under shirts are amazing! Incredible quality! You will love these-promise!
Hurry-run over to Impel’s site!

Wait, what was that? You wish that you could that cutest tank for free? Or, maybe the necklaces are what you are dreaming about.

Either way-$25 to Impel for FREE is fantastic!!!
I know, fabulous right?!
for anything your little heart desires from Impel Clothing.
Want to know how to win?
Of course you do!

It's super simple!

1-Follow this here blog: Sassy Style Resign. If you already do-awesome, just let me know in a comment.

2- Head over to Impel's site and check out some or all of their fabulous clothes! Let me know what is making your heart go pitter patter!

3-Facebook or blog about this giveaway!

4-Enter the giveaway at Impel's site, for an extra entry!

Make sure that you leave a comment for each entry.

You know that you want to win this-so get to it!

Don’t forget to run over to my new blog.

Sassy Style Furniture!!

Happy Thursday All!

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  1. Thank you so much for the sweet comment on my blog. It means so so much to me to get a comment from such a talented and creative lady and fun blogger. I found your blog through studio 5 a while back and check back a lot! I was seriously gitty that YOU came and said hi to little me. Thank you for all your awesome ideas and inspiration. I love the fabric on your walls with starch in fact I did a sweet tree in my sons nursery with fabric that I will be posting about soon. Have a beautiful day!

  2. Oh and of course I want to be entered into your sweet giveaway I am a public follower!

  3. I am in love with the ruffled tank It screams chic and spring. I think I NEED it! :)

  4. I'm so excited about your refinishing furniture idea. That's awesome. You should do great!!!! (I'd love some money for new clothes.) I'd go with any of the shirts that hide a post-baby belly!

  5. I love the Black Onyx Pieces and Pearls

  6. I follow your blog! Love the look of your new craft room!

  7. I really love the ruffle tank. That would be cute to wear on date night!

  8. Another giveaway?!! I am so glad I'm following your blog.

  9. I also entered the other contest on Impels site. Thanks!

  10. I love the jeans and the ruffled tank!

  11. I'm your newest follower.

  12. I love the short sleeve ruffle cardigan.

  13. I like this one:

  14. Sheer Printed Sleeveless Tank is super cute! Their jeans are super cute too!

  15. I totally follow your blog! AND LOVE IT! :)

  16. I would love the rosette banded tank! Its so cute and I would love to spice up my wardrobe!!

  17. I entered in the impel giveaway! my screen name is tdearmon! If you wanted to check! :)

  18. I would definately enjoy the ruffler shirt - I need some new clothes for work! :)

  19. I am "follower"! - I think I would really like any of impel's long tees....the long ruffle skirt looks cute....and some very cute accessories too!

  20. LOVE THIS BLOG!!! We are your newest followers ;) My sister and I just started a new blog and would LOVE for you to come over and be our newest {blog} friend and follower. Come see us at
    Hope to see you soon!

  21. i'm not quite sure how I'm supposed to choose just one, because they are all so amazing! does it count if I choose them all?

  22. I'm a new follower. Though I really thought I was following once before. DEFINITELY not my first time visiting your site. I LOVE all your new furniture creations! I'm going to run over and check out that whole blog. What a fun 'job'. ;) Oh- and I laughed at your blog stalking comments on my blog. Can't wait to start stalking you back. tee hee OH- and pick me, pick me!

  23. I love, love the bowling ball and pins in the wagon. Oh my, that would be so awesome in a game room. I will def. want to make these for our game room. so awesome.

  24. HOW FUN! I'm SO jealous! I totally want to do the sell painted furniture and stuff TOO. I need to get my booty in gear! You go girl! As for the wagon...BOMBDIGGITY! with the cuteified bowling set so cute! Next, enter me into yet ANOTHER giveaway that I will be losing unless the winners name is supposed to start with a "J" this time! BIG MONEY, COME ON, BIG MONEY!


  25. I entered the giveaway at Impel's too! WOOO HOOOO! I can feel it....SOOOOO GOING TO WIN! It's worth a try, right?! Heehee! Have a happy day! Smooches to my BB

  26. the waterfalls necklace - that is very, very desirable

  27. tausha..i want that ruffle shirt SO bad! heading over to check out your furniture. do you want to live next door? please.:)


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